Tag-and-Trade Suggestion for Allen Robinson Not Easily Discounted

NFL Network suggested it's possible the Bears are looking at a tag-and-trade for Allen Robinson to avoid losing too much of the investment they made in him.
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NFL Network just caught on to the fact Allen Robinson seems destined for a franchise tag.

Bears GM Ryan Pace admitted last month in the team's season-ending press conference that the tag is something at their disposal, all but blurting out "tag, you're it."

What Tom Pelissero did do with this report was take the entire situation one step beyond and brought up the suggestion the team could tag Robinson but then trade him.

The words trade and Bears seem forever linked these days, and this is one way they could possibly bring in a new quarterback without using all their draft picks.

Robinson wasn't one of their tradeable players but with a tag applied it would give the other team a chance to get him a new contract. 

This is course of action almost never done in years past but becoming more popular in recent years. It happened with Yannick Ngakoue last year, and in 2019 with Dee Ford, Frank Clark and Jadeveon Clowney.

Pelissero said the lack of communication between Robinson and the Bears indicates it's heading for a franchise tag, but Pace's comment earlier took it far closer than the silence does now.

The tagging can begin on Wednesday and can be done up unti March 9. After that, there are six days until the free agency frenzy begins with the legal period for meeting with other teams' free agents.

If the Bears are getting something done with Robinson on a tag-and-trade, then it most likely would occur in this period after March 9.

Coincidentally, the Eagles are in likely to need a wide receiver or two as former Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and veteran DeSean Jackson are perceived as players heading out of town.

And it just so happens the Bears are thought to be in talks Carson Wentz but another team greatly in need of a wide receiver is the New York Jets, and quarterback Sam Darnold is expected to also be on the block.

The only problem for the Bears with either of these ideas is if they trade Robinson and get a quarterback, who does the new quarterback target. Robinson has been targeted on 23% of all the team's pass plays and made 23% of all their catches over the last three seasons.

Last year Darnell Mooney showed skills better than most rookie receivers who enter the league in the top three rounds, let alone the fifth round.

Anthony Miller regressed and then drew an ejection over fight in the playoffs. Neither Riley Ridley nor Javon Wims have lived up to the postdraft hype lathered on them by the team.

The Bears would definitely be in the draft market for a wide receiver if they traded Robinson, and possibly would need to look into free agency.

They might be able to replace plenty of Robinson's receptions, but not the leadership and selfless attitude he's displayed throughout three seasons since arriving from Jacksonville.

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