Take Figures Suggested as Bear' Offers to A-Rob With Grain of Salt

Gene Chamberlain

An ESPN story citing no names says the Bears were trying to get Allen Robinson for $15 to $16 million. This doesn't sound like the kind of logic they've used in past signings and by that I mean they already paid him a deal at $14 million a year before 2018. His salary this year is only $10.9 million but the deal averaged $14 million. Logically, something closer to $17 million sounds like what they would be expecting to get him at. According to Spotrac.com, his market value is $16.7 million.

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Let me add some sense to this conversation. Why are you not telling ownership to just shut up and be happy with the billions they are already making when they go to the television station to negotiate a new deal before the old has been completed 🤔.....Maybe because they look like you? Why is it when an African American who has sacrificed his life to be one in a million at what he does goes and wants to be paid better or appreciated by those he works for, you say he should "Shut up and play ball". How dare him want better as the talent that the business operates on.
And I love how whites who want us to just entertain them want to tell us when its appropriate to voice our grievances and protest. Because Sundays are time for us to get out there and entertain them as if we are not humans. This is EXACTLY why we are where we are in this country. There is a portion of white America that is not racist outwardly but have become increasingly reliant on a system that puts them and their ideals beliefs and thoughts first at all times. And for anyone to have an issue with the system they are ALWAYS given the benefit of the doubt over their Minority brothers and sisters of the world......well thats an inconvenience. Its hilarious to see how sad so many were when they thought they were not going to have a season at all. Now that league that we love so much (as with most of the popular sports in this country) are made up of 70 to 80% African Americans. That said you might want to listen to what their saying. Their people too....


I saw this too, and my first thought was that it seemed ludicrous that the dispute was over a mere 2 million. But I also thought that Pace may be trying the Belichick model of developing, but never being the one to pay the big money on, these types of receivers.


The salary cap is expected to drop to 175M next year, and the way they are talking about this Covid 19 that there may not be enough vaccines for everyone until spring of 2022. If this is true, there could be a repeat of the NFL season in 2021, with either no fans in person, or possibly only 25% capacity. If this is the case the salary cap could drop again for 2022, possibly to 160M, or maybe even around 150M. Plus television ratings are way down, I think it was the Sunday night game was down like 38%. Like it or not it has everything to do with the protest, which people are really growing tired of, even Herschel Walker said it needed to end, that it wasn't the right platform during NFL games or sports in general to mix Political agendas, and protest with sports. Sports used to be a distraction from the problems in everyday life, but now they have become part of the problems that present everyday. My point is the athletes really need to be careful, sponsors are only going to pay for advertising, and pay the big money the NFL charges for commercials if viewership has high numbers, not numbers that continue to fall. My point to all of this is I think the Bears are very concerned about the salary cap dropping well below the predicted numbers. They already owe way too much for Mack, Jackson, Fuller, Leno, Foles, Trevathan, and others. I don't think it is a wise move to commit 17 to 18 million a year, or possibly more during these uncertain times. And what really bothers me the most is there are people who are struggling to put food on their table, and pay their mortgage payments or rent, and Robinson is like a spoiled kid crying about what he is making. He has averaged 14 million a year for the last 2 years, and will average that much again this year. IMHO he needs to just be quiet, play ball, and see what happens at the end of the season, if I am not mistaken he needs to fulfill his contractual obligations for this contract before he worries about the next one, and stop becoming a clubhouse distraction with you whining and pouting.