The expectations have to be trade with one Round 2 pick for Bears

Gene Chamberlain

Tribune explores what has to be the case. If Ryan Pace doesn't trade one of those two second-round picks then their draft is going to pretty much be the 2019 draft -- a lot of sitting around. They need to find trade partners who will let them either move down in Round 2 and give them an extra 4 and maybe 5 or trade down to Round 3 and pick up a 4 and maybe a 3 or 4 next year or something because those third and fourth rounds are going to take a long time and drive people nuts watching others take talent. Remember this too, they're going from 50 to 164. That's not just 2 rounds, it's really more than three full rounds. They don't pick in the fifth round until 17 picks into it and their last pick in Round 2 is 14 picks from the end plus compensatory picks.