The Carson Wentz Siege Enters Second Weekend

Former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski says the Colts have the highest offer with a pair of second-rounders and a third-round pick
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After the initial rush to get in line for Carson Wentz, it appears the Bears are no closer to landing the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback as this standoff now enters its second weekend.

Nothing has happened all week after reports initially called a deal imminent and, while Eagles general manager Howie Roseman holds out hope for better offers, one former Eagles player said the Indianapolis Colts have made a better offer than the Bears.

Former Eagles quarterback and ESPN commentator Ron Jaworski on Thursday said his "understanding" was the best offer made for Wentz came from the Colts. He said it was two second-round picks and either a third- or fourth-round pick in future years.

The Colts have the 54th pick in this year's draft in Round 2.

If the Bears wanted to better that offer it wouldn't be difficult. The Bears have the 52nd pick in this year's draft.

Without concrete evidence of exactly what's been offered and declined, it's difficult for anyone to determine the course this standoff is taking. 

Perhaps former Bears college scouting director Greg Gabriel had this best pegged on Twitter when he referred to it as a game of poker and the only one who knows the cards is Roseman.

It would be easy to discount what Jaworski said because of the amount of hyperbole and rumor floating around this situation, as well as all the false social media reporting. There is the possiblity of leaks by Roseman just to try to create interest or force up bids.

Jaworski is more connected to the Eagles and to Roseman than many. And his longtime ESPN colleague, Adam Schefter, has had a close reporting relationship with the Eagles GM. Schefter said Roseman is waiting for "Stafford-like compensation" for Wentz.

When the Lions traded Matthew Stafford, they got back Jared Goff, first-round picks in 2022 and 2023 and a third-round pick in this year's draft.

This is why reports about the Bears and Colts calling the demands excessive seem more credible.

The week's other big revelation was another sketchy comment, this by Chris Simms of NBC Sports. When talking with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Simms said he "...was told by some people I trust that he (Wentz) prefers the Colts' situation, certainly...," over the Bears.

Pro Football Network's Tony Pauline linked the Colts to a possible deal for another quarterback, Sam Darnold.

The Wentz situation could run right up until the beginning of free agency March 17, and a little beyond because Wentz is due a $10 million guaranteed bonus at that time if he's on the Eagles roster. If the Eagles intend to part ways with him they would want it done so they wouldn't be absorbing another big salary cap hit.

As it is, they'll have to take about $33 million against their cap right away for him if they trade him, according to

While the Eagles obviously are hoping for both the Colts and Bears to bid against each other, this doesn't appear to be happening. Despite several rumors, there have been no sourced reports of a third team entering the actual bidding.

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