Bengals QB Andy Dalton Falls to 0-4 on the Season

Tommy Jaggi

By: Jordan Newman

Debuting division play, Bengals entered the Steel City searching for their first win on the season. A game featuring an 0-3 Steelers team as well, the hype brought some memorable moments in this recent matchup.

Bengals would be the first to receive the ball, but season long struggles with for the OL continued with an early sack by Steelers LB Devin Bush. Immediately in response, S Jessie Bates would recover a fumble from Steelers WR Diontae Johnson caused by LB Nick Vigil. 

Throwing the Bengals offense an alley oop on a fast break, they couldn’t catch the ball to return the favor. Soon failing to convert a TD after a dime to TE Tyler Eifert would tip off his hands, Cincinnati settled for a 28 yard field goal by Bullock to take their only lead of the game, 3-0.

While all hell eventually broke loose for Cincy, Steelers went into full drive. After three drives to show for nothing, Mason Rudolph would go a hot streak of 10 straight completed passes for 80 yards and one touchdown to RB James Conner. 

As Pittsburgh found their groove offensively, their defense took over as well. Allowing only one drive to advance for more than 17 yards, their third sack of the half by LB Bud Dupree caused Dalton to fumble away a Bengals drive that looked like it was well on its way to equalize the 10-3 Steelers leading half.

The bludgeoning doesn’t stop there. Rudolph didn’t miss a beat leading an 8 play, 75 yard drive to open the 2nd half capped off with a Jaylen Samuels rushing TD. As the Steelers marched throughout the third quarter converting 2 of their 3 drives into TDs, Dalton visible frustrations flashed across screens everywhere.

Totaling only 20 yards and adding three more sacks, the Bengals couldn’t have asked for a worse quarter.

That would be of course until Dalton opened the 4th quarter with a red zone interception on 4th down forcing a pass. Suffocated until the clocked ticked to 0:00, and eventually adding two more sacks to a total of 8 on the night, Cincinnati never found any hope and all has been thrown away for the season. 

Falling short 27-3, movement across this whole roster is required at this point. Now looking forward to the winless Arizona Cardinals, we’ll see just how much dignity lasts between the two.

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J Hager
J Hager

Time to start looking for a young QB to draft. Dalton has already reached is peak and is only going downhill from here. They need a change

Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi


Dalton looked like he was poised for a decent season following the opener to Seattle, but he has really gone downhill from there.

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