Bengals vs. Jaguars: LIVE Game Thread

Tommy Jaggi

The Bengals are searching for their first win of the 2019 season could they find it against the 2-4 Jacksonville Jaguars? 

Here is a live thread and updated notes from the game: 

First Quarter:

  • Jaguars start the game with a 9-play, 74-yard drive that ended with a turnover on downs. 
  • Running back Leonard Fournette was stuffed on 4th and goal. 
  • The Bengals went 3 and out on the next possession. 
  • Cincinnati holds Jacksonville to a negative 13 yards on three plays before punting. 
  • Bengals are driving into Jacksonville territory. 
  • No score for Bengals. Jacksonville takes the ball deep in their own territory after the punt. 
  • Geno Atkins sacks Gardner Minshew - almost keeps him in the endzone for a safety. 
  • Jaguars forced to punt, Bengals get the ball at mid-field. 
  • Score: 0-0 at the end of the first.

Second Quarter: 

  • Bengals managed just 17 pass yards, -6 rushing yards in the first quarter.
  • Jaguars driving into Bengals territory. 
  • Minshew incomplete on 3rd down. Jags forced to punt. Ball pinned at the 12-yard line. 
  • Dalton throws over the head of Auden Tate on 3rd down. Bengals forced to punt from deep in their own territory.
  • Jaguars driving thanks to a couple of nice runs by Fournette. 
  • Gardener Minshew down the right sideline to D.J. Chark. A gain of 33 on the play. 
  • Bengals challenge that Chark stepped out of bounds. Call stands.
  • Leonard Fournette charges straight up the middle to the Bengals 4 yard line. 
  • Jaguars stopped on 3rd down. They settle for a chip shot field goal. The first score of the game by either team. Jags lead 3-0. 
  • Bad overthrow by Andy Dalton. Almost picked off, but ruled incomplete. 
  • Dalton looks deep down the field to Tyler Boyd. Ball barely tipped. Boyd should have come down with it. 
  • Jaguars get the ball back pinned at the 9-yard line. 
  • Bengals with a decent pass rush, but Minshew escapes for 16 yards and a first. 
  • Bengals force another punt. The ball goes into the endzone on the punt. 
  • The biggest play of the game: a 48-yard catch and run from Dalton to Alex Erickson. Bengals are in the red zone. 
  • Another excellent play by Erickson. catches the ball on the sideline, breaks a tackle and runs down to the one-yard line.
  • Joe Mixon stuffed on first and goal from the one. 
  • Andy Dalton with 2-yard touchdown pass to Joe Mixon! Bengals lead 7-3. 
  • Gardner Minshew with a 29-yard pass over mid-field to Chris Conley. 47 seconds remaining before halftime. 
  • Mishew completes a 33-yard deep ball to Dede Westbrook. 
  • Jaguars settle for a field goal. 
  • Jags surprisingly go for an onside kick. 3 seconds left, Dalton takes a hail-mary shot in the endzone, the ball is almost picked. 
  • Bengals lead at halftime 7-6.  

Third Quarter: 

  • Bengals get the ball to begin the second half. 
  • Dalton with a dime down the field, but Alex Erickson couldn't haul it in. 
  • Incredible catch by Auden Tate in double coverage! Pass interference on the play, but the penalty is declined. 
  • Tyler Boyd tries to make something out of nothing on a screen pass, fumbles the ball away to Jacksonville. 
  • A good defensive stop by Cincinnati. Fournette stuffed on 3rd and short, but Jacksonville goes for in on 4th and converts. 
  • Fournette with a big run up left guard. Play goes for 13. 
  • Jacksonville gets a field goal out of their drive. They lead 9-7.
  • Andy Dalton takes a sack on 3rd and 10. Bengals forced to punt yet again. 
  • Jaguars don't do much on their drive. They give the ball back to Bengals.
  • Cincinnati works the ball down the field. Randy Bullock drills a 38-yard field goal on 4th down. Bengals take the lead 10-9. 
  • D.J. Chark with a 20-yard run on a jet sweep. End of the third quarter. Bengals lead by one. 

Fourth Quarter: 

  • Huge play from Minshew to Conley for a gain of 47 yards. They take the ball inside the Bengals 10-yard line. 
  • Touchdown: Andy Dalton to Keelan Cole. They go for two and convert. Jaguars go up 17-10. 
  • Dalton with a short pass to Drew Sample. Auden Tate goes down on the play. 
  • Dalton picks up a big 3rd and 12 with a 17-yard run. 
  • Andy Dalton gets sacked on 2nd down but converts a 3rd and 17 to Tyler Boyd for a 1st down. 
  • Huge 3rd down conversion from Dalton to Auden Tate. Bengals driving. 
  • Poor throw by Dalton. The ball is picked off by Myles Jack. 
  • Bengals desperately searching for a stop. Fournette converts a first down with just under 6:30 remaining in the game.
  • B.W. Webb almost picks off Gardner Minshew. It would have been a game-changing play. 
  • Jags punt the ball. Bengals have just over 5:00 remaining to drive down and score a touchdown to tie the game. 
  • Dalton pass intended for Gio Bernard, the ball is intercepted for a touchdown by Yannick Ngakoue. Bengals trail 24-10.  
  • Great kick return by Brandon Wilson. Almost takes it for a touchdown but is tripped up. 
  • Dalton passes to Tyler Boyd but is picked again. That will seal the game. 
  • Josh Lambo 26-yard field goal is good. Jags extend their lead, 27-10. Under 2:00 remaining in the game. 
  • Bengals driving down. Dalton completes a 20-yard pass to Auden Tate down to the one-yard line. 
  • 3rd and goal. Andy Dalton with a quarterback sneak from a yard out. Touchdown Bengals. Jacksonville leads 27-17 with just 23 seconds remaining. 
  • D.J. Chark secures the onside kick. Bengals lose 27-17 - dropping their 7th straight game of the season. 
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Jordan  Newman
Jordan Newman

A Mixon TD!

Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi


Bengals just can't move the ball...

Jordan  Newman
Jordan Newman

Huber’s punts >>>>

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