The Bengals remain massive underdogs against the Seahawks

Tommy Jaggi

The Bengals have been at the center of misfortune this offseason, and things may not get a whole lot better to kick things off.  

Cincinnati is heavy underdogs as they travel to the west coast to play the Seattle Seahawks. According to ESPN, the Bengals are anywhere between 8.5 to 9.5 point underdogs in this contest. 

This doesn't come as a big surprise, however. Cincinnati has been decimated by injuries this offseason. With an offensive line in shambles and A.J. Green out of at least a handful of games, the Bengals have an uphill battle on their hands. 

However, Cincinnati does have at least one thing going for them: The element of surprise. 

Nobody really knows exactly what Zac Taylor's new offense is going to look like. Though Seattle was used to facing Taylor during his time with the Rams, it's possible that the young head coach has a few tricks up his sleeve. 

The Seahawks are a terrific road team, and they may not be another organization out there who drew a shorter straw in week one. 

Still, there is hope. the Bengals started off the 2018 season very strong - knocking out the Colts on the road then the Ravens at home. Both games were 11 point victories for Cincinnati.

This week will be a challenge for Zac Taylor. If the Bengals can make it out of this game in one piece, they stand a fighting chance against next week's home game against the 49ers. 

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I hope not I took the Sea Hawks and 9.5.

Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi


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