Bengals Winners & Losers vs Rams

Jordan Newman


Tyler Eifert

Maybe a draft rumor needs to drop every week for TE Tyler Eifert. Fresh off reports that Bengals would indeed accept calls, but for no less than a 3rd round pick, Eifert had a season-best performance. Reeling in 6 receptions for 74 yards against highly touted rookie safety Taylor Rapp, Eifert appeared to be in his best form. Second, in team targets (9), Eifert moved well across the field all “night,” making his presence known in Wembley Stadium.

The WR Trio

Asinine to singularly pick out one, the wide receiver trio of Erickson, Tate, & Boyd came ready. Each ending the game with at least 5 catches and 65 yards, the slim hope of the future for this team begins here. Whether it was the slick routes by Erickson underneath, Boyd maneuverability in any area, or Tate making yet another spectacular catch, the talent is there to be unlocked for big-time performances.

Jessie Bates

It’s difficult to cape for any secondary member from Cincy, but Jessie Bates was the highlight of this defense. Although allowing QB Jared Goff to end with a 119.3 QBR with 350+ yards & 2 touchdowns, Bates attempted to clean up to the best of his ability. Leading the team with 7 tackles, constant catches by the Rams over the middle with an ocean’s range of space were steady chased down by Bates.


Tony McRae

Everyone knows the saying, “feed the hot hand” whenever referencing a shooter in basketball, a runner in football, etc. Well, WR Cooper Kupp took that saying and went octanes above it. Routing into a room of space common with Big 12 defenses, McRae found himself on the backend of most the routes, trailing for dear life. The year hasn’t been pleasing for McRae at all, and this was just the cherry on top as Kupp ended the game with 7 receptions for 220 yards (31.4 YPC) & a touchdown.

The Opponents’ Endzone

Their only desire is that teams enter their zone, holding the mantle for iconic dance routines. For the Bengals, the year has been near-depressing for the opponent's end zones, as they are never included in these celebrations. Entering the matchup ranked 30th in the league, it only got worse for a team that found success on offense between the 20s on the night. After converting its first two attempts in the first half for a total of 10 points, they would be left to rest to the end of the game, as the Bengals never made its effort to return to them.

Alex Redmond

The night was bleak for the unit as a whole, and it continued to pile itself on as G Alex Redmond would be carted off for an injury late in the 4th quarter. What looked like to be one of their most complete outings in the 1st half, the script did a total 180 as the Rams took over. Allowing another 5 sacks to the season, a loss to Redmond is one of the last things this team needed advancing to 0-8. 

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