Bengals vs. Ravens: 3 Things We Hope to See

Tommy Jaggi

It's safe to go into this game with the expectation that Cincinnati will not emerge victorious. While their efforts at this point seem futile, there is still plenty of reason to watch the Bengals in Week 10. 

Baltimore is looking for their fifth consecutive win as they make a push towards a first-round bye in the playoffs this year. Bengals fans have other aspirations in mind. Here are three things we hope to see from Cincinnati's performance against Baltimore today: 

A Close Loss

It's not easy to watch the Bengals lose game after game, but at this point, there are plenty of fans rooting for them to do just poorly enough to keep their dreams of the 1st overall pick alive. 

Cincinnati is currently on track to land the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. While it's highly unlikely they upset one of the hottest teams in the league this week, a loss isn't necessarily a bad thing at this point. Obviously, we still want to see signs of life. If they can keep the game competitive, that will be enough to satisfy most fans in Week 10. 

Zac Taylor's Progress

Zac Taylor is 0-8 to begin his NFL career, but that obviously isn't all his fault. At the same time, Bengals fans want to know what they are getting themselves into. Taylor has shown some promise, and he doesn't exactly have the most talented team to work with. 

While Bengals fans are simply glad they no longer have to put up with Marvin Lewis, they want to see Taylor's team be competitive - even against a tough opponent like Baltimore. We will see if he can rally his players to keep this one close at home. 

The Emergence of Ryan Finley 

Taylor made the decision to bench 9-year starter and three-time Pro Bowl quarterback Andy Dalton last week. Now, it's time to see what Ryan Finley is made of. He will get an incredibly difficult task against the Ravens in his first career start. 

Finley is a fourth-round draft choice from this past April who is widely unknown to the rest of the league. However, we have seen players like Gardner Minshew spark new life into an NFL offense without a ton of preparation. Perhaps Finley could do the same for the Bengals.  


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