Zac Taylor has some Blunt Words After Bengals 4th Loss

Tommy Jaggi

By: Jordan Newman

An embarrassing display on national television for Cincinnati as they were trampled 27-3 by division foe Pittsburgh Steelers, Zac Taylor reiterated what everyone knew, but what exactly is it going to take? As reported by Brandon Saho of WLWT in the postgame interview:

To establish a different culture than what Bengals fans have been accustomed to in the past 20+ years, never progressing through the wildcard stage, it starts with the foundation of the team.

As OT Jonah Williams nurses an injury that won’t return him on the field until next year, the start of change begins there. OT Cordy Glenn's return sounds very near, and G Billy Price has shown promise whenever given playing time, but that’s just the beginning of all of this. 

Allowing a season-high 8 sacks, to a Steelers defense that were only averaging 2 sacks entering the game, this OL nearly needs a new face at every position. However, we must remember that sacks are not entirely a stat to measure the strength of the OL.

Andy Dalton’s time is justifiably done. He lacks any pocket mobility and is prone to making mistakes, even against one of the league’s worst secondary. If the Bengals organization wants a fresh start, why not change the face of it? 

Talent is available among the skill positions in AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Tyler Eifert, and Joe Mixon, but it all seems useless as long as Dalton is at the helm. With two years remaining left on his 6-year deal, it’s hard to imagine Cincinnati entirely moves on from Dalton until completion as a $17+ million cap hit still exists for the 2020 season.

In the preseason, backup rookie QB Ryan Finley looked the part to the degree that many would like to see what he has to offer in real game time. The problem is, would anyone really want to throw him out to the wolves with protection upfront lacking so severely? 

Stuck in a bind as to what direction they want to head in, the logical reason comes down to tanking. Teams don’t want to admit it, but the chance for a run with a young defense that could use veteran and new talent as well is basically impossible. #TankforTua is alive and well among the fanbase, who are desperate just to see something different.

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Taylor was put in a tough situation; a lot of injuries to go along with an average at best roster. I hope the trend of “what have you done for me lately” in the NFL doesn’t take over here, and the Bengals give him time.

Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi


Feel bad for Taylor. It's certainly not all his fault.

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