Bengals vs. Rams: Hot Takes in London

Sam Ouhaj

Andy Dalton will be benched for Ryan Finely.

This is more than unlikely to happen, but why not? The Bengals are playing the Los Angeles Rams, who let’s be honest, will blow them out by at least 30 points. Dalton has not been impressive by any means, and at least with Finely, you can see what you have before the draft. 

Finely was the Bengals 4th round pick this season out of NC State and was taken to be a backup in case of emergency. Finely had a decent college career playing for both Boise State and NC State. Finely threw for 11,185 yards, 63 touchdowns, and 30 Interceptions. The Bengals have a chance to draft Tua Tagovilia or a top tier QB, but if Finley appears to have some Dak Prescott or Gardner Minshew in him, take the opportunity.

Joe Mixon will have a breakout performance.

Mixon has had the worst start for any running back through 8 weeks. Carrying the ball 85 times for 254 yards and no rushing touchdowns is terrible. I understand that the O line has played poorly, and Zac Taylor has not run the offense through Mixon, but his talent is being wasted. Joe Mixon came close to his first 100 yard game against the Arizona Cardinals, who have the 8th worst rushing defense in the league, with 93 yards on 19 carries.

 The Rams have the 19th best rushing defense in the league, giving up only 95 yards a game to all rushers. However, the Rams have not had a run for their money in terms of top tier running backs, with the only exception being Alvin Kamara and even he had 45 yards rushing. This is different though, Mixon needs to get the wheels turning, and I believe he unleashes for 110 yards rushing, 1 touchdown, and 60 receiving yards.

The Bengals defense will shut down Todd Gurley.

I have the Bengals losing this game by a lot, but one thing I know this team can do is stop the old motor of the Rams offense. Cincinnati may have the worse run defense in the league, but Todd Gurley, similar to Mixon, has not looked great at all. Gurley is on pace for career-low numbers and has seen a limited snap count due to arthritis in his knee. I believe the defense will rally to Gurley and force Goff to throw the ball more than he would like to. Will Gurley break off for a few runs and maybe a touchdown, probably, but I do not expect this defense to let a running back in decline run all over them.

There is not much to say about this Bengals team…The season is already over, and the only thing most can look forward to is the draft. I expect this game to be over before it even begins, and the Bengals will have an 0-8 record going into the bye and an 0-8 record under Zac Taylor. Taylor is the only rookie coach this season to not have a win, and it starts to leave a question on whether or not he is the guy.


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