Statistics say Bengals should have won against Seahawks

Tommy Jaggi

The Bengals lost a heart-breaker on the road against Seattle. According to NFL Pick Watch, no experts had the Bengals upsetting the Seahawks.

In fact, the Bengals finished between 8.5 to 9.5 point underdogs - second only to the Washington Redskins (10 to 10.5). But even with gambling Sportsbooks odds predicting a blowout, stats indicate that Cincinnati actually should have won this game. 

The Bengals crushed the Seahawks in first downs (22 to 12) and total offensive plays (70 to 49). Their 6.1 yards per play was significantly higher than Seattle's 4.9 and Cincinnati was more efficient through the air. 

The total yards weren't even close in this contest, as the Bengals dominated the Seahawks 233 yards with 429 of their own. Andy Dalton also more than doubled Russell Wilson's numbers through the air. 

However, the deciding factor in this game was turnovers and missed opportunities. Though they didn't throw an interception, the Bengals lost 3 of their 4 fumbles to Seattle. 

It also didn't help that Randy Bullock missed a field goal that would have likely resulted in the win. 

There's no sense crying over spilled milk, and Zac Taylor will take this one back to the drawing board. However, it is at the very least encouraging to know that the Bengals dominated statistically this game. 

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Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi


I really thought Bengals were going to come away with this game. They had a number of opportunities to close it out.

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