Should Bengals have open competition for at starting quarterback?

Tommy Jaggi

By this point in Andy Dalton's career, we should know whether or not he is going to be the answer the Cincinnati Bengals are looking for. While he has had a solid 8-year career, maybe it is time to have an open competition at quarterback. 

Dalton has not been a terrible passer in his career, but he is entering his 9th NFL season, and he turns 32 years old this fall. 

Andy Dalton was brilliant to start his career. He led the Bengals to five straight winning seasons, and earned himself a contract worth nearly $100M. 

However, Dalton has managed a record of just 18-24 over the past three seasons. He has also been below average as a passer - earning a passer rating of 91.8, 86.6, and 89.6 over the past three seasons, respectively. 

Dalton seems to be trending in the wrong direction, and has been a less efficient passer than players like Jameis Winston, Ryan Tannehill and Nick Mullens.  

I'm not going to read too much into a terrible preseason performance in week 2, but perhaps part of the reason why Dalton hasn't progressed much as a passer is because he never has competition behind him. 

Ryan Finley is a rookie, but looked significantly better in preseason so far. Saying he is the answer to the Bengals problems is a stretch, but he may be able to give Dalton a run for his money. 

It's entirely possible that Dalton could see one of his best seasons as a professional with new head coach, Zac Taylor at the helm.

Overall, Dalton hasn't been terrible for the Bengals, and there are many other reasons for their struggles. However, it may be time to open up competition for the starting quarterback job in Cincinnati. 

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Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi


Give me your thoughts on Dalton. Should be the Bengals open a competition at quarterback, or run with the veteran?

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