Bengals: Finley a Chase for Hope

Sam Ouhaj

 Thanks to the Miami Dolphins win against the New York Jets last week, the Bengals sit alone with the best odds for the #1 overall pick. It is unanimous that the Bengals should draft a quarterback with a loaded draft class, but what if they shock the world and take another position player? Perhaps the best EDGE rusher in recent years, Ohio State Defensive end, Chase Young, has scouts and fans in aw with his play, and many see him as a viable first overall choice.

The Bengals have recently benched long-time starter, Andy Dalton, for rookie quarterback Ryan Finley. Finley was the Bengals 4th round draft choice out of NC State. Finley posted okay numbers between Boise State and NC State throwing 60 TD’s and 25 interceptions. The issue with Finley according to scouts is that he lacks muscle and is generally a game manager similar to how Dalton was. Scouts praise him though for his thought process and his ability to read defenses before the snap. Finley is set to make his NFL debut against the Baltimore Ravens and finish out this season as the starter.

What if Finley takes the league by storm, however? The NFL has seen quarterbacks such as Dak Prescott and Rusell Wilson takeover as franchise quarterbacks after being drafted late. Maybe Finley does the same and Bengal fans fall in love with the NC prospect. If that is the case, do the Bengals have to consider Chase Young.

Chase Young currently leads FBS with 13.5 sacks. 5 forced fumbles, and 22 solo tackles. These are mindboggling stats and because of Young’s spectacular play, he is currently in the talks to win the Heisman. Young is exactly what teams are looking for in an EDGE rusher. Chase Young stands at 6 foot 5, weighs 265 pounds, and can run a 40-yard dash in 4.57 seconds. A fun side note, some wide receivers run slower than a 4.57 at the NFL combine, so yeah that tells you how much of a freak athlete he is.

I understand the odds of Ryan Finley playing at a franchise quarterback level are slim to none, but the talent on Chase Young is too good to pass on. I believe we have not seen a jaw-dropping defensive player since Ndamukong Suh in 2009 when he played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The NFL Draft is 5 months away, and with half of the NFL season over, the Bengals have a long time on who to decide on. Ryan Finley could turn a potentially disastrous season into a season with promise, and with that comes the best college player, Chase Young. Bengal’s fans keep your eyes out for Finley’s first start and how he plays over the next 8 weeks. 

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I'd take Burrow.

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