Bengals Red Zone Report: Week 7 vs Jacksonville

Mike Vannucci

There's no surprise that settling for field goals, or coming up empty in the red zone, results in losses as the Bengals are now 0-7. 

We take a look at each play the Bengals ran inside the red zone versus the Jaguars.

After a long catch and run by Alex Erickson, the Bengals have first and goal from the Jaguars 1-yard line. 

1st & GL from JAX 1

The Bengals are running an inside running play, and they get beat up on the line of scrimmage. The Jaguars get push, resetting the line of scrimmage a yard into the backfield, and there is a run through in the weak-side B-gap. Mixon had no chance here.

2nd & GL from JAX 2

Here the Bengals align a stack to the right of the formation with Mixon behind Uzomah. The Jaguars are locked into man, rather than "banjo," so there is a natural pick that occurs when Uzomah releases inside off the ball. This causes Mixon's cover defender to go over the top of Uzomah. The ball is delivered on time, and the play is executed well.

This caps a 6 play, 80-yard drive; putting the Bengals up 7-3.

Following a 9 yard gain on a jet sweep to Erickson, the Bengals are once again inside the red zone. 

2nd & 1 from JAX 20

Ahead of schedule here on 2nd & 1, the Bengals take a shot to the end zone. They motion Erickson across the formation, to help identify coverage. Erickson's cover defender runs with him the whole way, identifying man coverage. Erickson is running a vertical or fade route here, but gets widened to the sideline too much giving Dalton no room to throw this ball. While Erickson had an extremely efficient & productive game; still would have liked to see this shot taken to the bigger, more physical Tate. After the incompletion, we move to 3rd down. 

3rd & 1 from JAX 20

The Bengals can't get out of their own way here, with a drop on this third down. Erickson is running a shallow cross from the right of the formation, with Mixon check releasing to the flat on the left of the formation. It is man coverage, and the safety responsible for covering Mixon begins to expand late as Mixon begins to release. The read by Dalton is a good one, and he throws a catchable ball here. Erickson has to make this catch to move the chains. It is possible Dalton put this ball to Ericksons back shoulder because of the tight window created by Mixon's cover defender (#36). 

After a 10 play, 72-yard drive, the Bengals settle for a 38-yard Randy Bullock field goal to take a 10-9 lead.

A 12-yard reception by Tate puts the Bengals at the Jacksonville 15-yard line. 

1st & 10 from JAX 15

The Bengals are running a "HOSS Y-Juke" variation here. This concept has hitches on the outside (HOss) with the slot receivers running seams (hoSS). This leaves the #3 receiver (inner most) to the trips, one on one with a linebacker on a choice or juke route. Boyd needs to a better job here at the top of his route to create separation versus his cover defender. You'll notice him try to give a bit of a "crossover" or hip shift here, but doesn't quite move his hips enough to influence the defender to the inside. This allows the defender (Myles Jack) to jump Boyd's break to the outside and intercept the pass. It is tough to win games when the ball is turned over inside the red zone. 

Boyd rushed his route on Sunday. However, he has shown he can win in the short area, low level situations. Here is a clip from 2018 of Boyd demonstrating the ability to win one on one versus linebackers. 

The Myles Jack interception ended a promising 10 play, 60-yard drive. With a chance to tie the game up, the Bengals end up coming away empty-handed. 

After a 20-yard reception by Auden Tate, the Bengals get the ball at the Jacksonville 1-yard line, down 17 with under a minute. 

1st & GL from JAX 1

The Bengals run inside zone here to Giovanni Bernard, and just like earlier down by the goal line; the Jaguars physically dominate at the line of scrimmage. There is no push by the Bengals here. On to 2nd down. 

2nd & GL from JAX 1

The Bengals get what they want here. Cover 1, and the free safety moves away from Tate. They run play action here to pull the linebackers near the line of scrimmage, and take a shot to Tate. Tate is the type of receiver you want to throw this too, as he can use his big frame and athletic ability to go get the football. However, the ball is thrown a bit high. There was a flag on this play that got picked up. On a play like this, you have to give Tate a chance here.

3rd & GL from JAX 1

A "garbage" time touchdown here, as Dalton sneaks it in and gets a little extra push from Bernard. This makes it a 10-point game with under 30 seconds remaining. The Bengals end up losing their 7th straight game to start off the 2019 season. 

This Dalton touchdown rush finished a 9 play, 69-yard drive. 

The Bengals head across the pond to London next week to take on the Los Angeles Rams; who are coming off a dominant victory agains the struggling Falcons. This will be a tough match-up for the Bengals. The Rams have two of the best defenders in the game on their defense in Aaron Donald & Jalen Ramsey. I wouldn't bet for the Bengals to pick up their first win of the season in Week 8.

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Jordan  Newman
Jordan Newman

Bengals had too many chances smh. That ball to Tate should’ve been there especially, seeing it again.

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