Should the Bengals trade Cordy Glenn?

Sam Ouhaj

Cordy Glenn has been the player Cincinnati has hoped for, but issues between the two have made the front office rethink their stance on Glenn. The Bengals acquiring Glenn in a trade from the Buffalo Bills last season in hopes of improving their offensive line. Glenn did exactly that, and in 13 games started last season, Glenn gave up a total of 1 sack. 

This is exactly what the Bengals need, given how their current left tackle, Alex Cooper, has been playing; Cordy Glenn could at least give the O-line a boost.

However, in classic Cincinnati fashion, Cordy Glenn is demanding a release. Before the regular season, Glenn suffered a concussion during Week 2 of the preseason and he has remained sidelined for the last eight weeks. 

Concussions are taken very seriously, but Glenn voiced his frustration with how the medical staff handled things. Because of Glenn’s vexation, the Bengals thought it would be smart to fine their best offensive lineman a whopping $200 thousand dollars. Head Coach Zac Taylor, denied commenting on these reports, but the writing is on the walls.

The Bengals are currently 0-6 and will more than likely finish with a 2-14 record. If the front office decides to blow up the team following the season, why not have the assets to rebuild. We already know the Bengals are looking to take a top college quarterback in the draft with over five solid players for grabs. Cordy Glenn does not have the value of a first-round pick, but he could get a 3rd or 4th round pick from a team desperate for a left tackle.

Teams like the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and even the Philadelphia Eagles need offensive line help and would more than likely make the move to get depth on the line. A late-round pick could help Cincy find role players to give depth to the team, but maybe even find a hidden gem that could be a big franchise piece in the future.

Even though the Bengals need someone like Cordy Glenn, if feuds are going to continue, then it is better to walk away from the situation. The Bengals play the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday before heading into the bye week. We will see what the Bengals choose to do with Glenn’s future, but it could get ugly.

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

For multiple picks, yeah.. They need a fresh start across the board at this point

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