Adam 'Pacman' Jones Rips Bengals' Coaching Staff

Adam 'Pacman' Jones isn't happy with the Bengals' defense
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CINCINNATI — The Bengals are reeling after two straight heartbreaking losses to the Colts and Browns, respectively. 

The defense has allowed 68 points in the last seven quarters. Philip Rivers and Baker Mayfield carved them up like a Thanksgiving turkey. 

Former Bengals cornerback Adam 'Pacman' Jones went to social media to voice his frustration. 

"Y'all need to fix the coaching staff. Special teams suck. The defensive coordinators need to be fired," Jones said on Instagram. "The best f------ three technique playing f------ nose guard. I ain't ever seen Geno (Atkins) line up over the center. Never in my entire f------ career. Geno over the f------ center every f------ play now."

Geno Atkins' usage has been bizarre. The Bengals' coaching staff has maintained that the eight-time Pro Bowler is just working his way back after suffering a shoulder injury in training camp that caused him to miss the first four games of the season. He was on the field for 12 snaps in Sunday's loss to the Browns.

Jones didn't stop there. He went on to make a prediction about the Bengals' last nine games of the season.

"The DBs, y'all playing catch and tackle. They must be teaching y'all that s--- too," Jones continued. "But then y'all are cutting (traded) Carlos (Dunlap). I understand what y'all are doing, but I don't. Y'all are giving up the season I guess. The Bengals won't win but one more game."

Watch the entire video below. 

*Warning: Video contains explicit language*

Jones played for the Bengals from 2010-2017. He was a one-time Pro Bowler and a one-time All-Pro. He officially retired from the NFL in May.

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