Report: Bengals' Auden Tate unhappy about role, could request trade

James Rapien

CLEVELAND, OH — Bengals wide receiver Auden Tate was inactive for Thursday night's matchup against the Browns. 

It was a surprise to many, including Tate, who is frustrated with his role on the team. 

"He was healthy and ready to go," agent Deiric Jackson told CBS Sports. "If they don't know how to use him, I'm sure there are plenty of other teams that would love to have a weapon like that offensively. 

"I don't care if it's a first-rounder, whatever, you play your best guys. I know the type of chemistry that him and Joe Burrow (have) been having. He's played special teams ... If you're not going to use him, why not let him go seek opportunities elsewhere?"

Tate had 40 receptions for 575 yards and one touchdown in 2019. He appeared in 12 games, receiving 80 targets. The Bengals drafted him in the seventh-round (253rd overall) in the 2018 NFL Draft.

"Auden continues to do everything right for us," Zac Taylor said Friday. "It's a tough decision. Auden's one of the biggest team players we got. When you got seven receivers and you have some injuries on defense, sometimes that's how it's going to shake out."

Tate only played in 15 snaps in Week 1 against the Chargers and wasn't targeted on offense. He build a solid rapport with Burrow in training camp, but that hasn't led to significant playing time.

Despite the frustration, it doesn't sound like a trade request is imminent.

"We're not jumping the gun," Jackson said. "I also understand that in that game last night, there were some plays that he could've made. He's a selfless player, but he also wants to be able to help his team."

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No. 1-1

What has two thumbs and saw this coming at some point (points thumbs at face) THIS GUY!

Seriously, this is ridiculous. I know we have a lot of weapons at receiver but until a second TE emerges as a legit threat besides Sample, and until we have a Oline that functions higher than high school level and allows Mixon some space, Burrows gonna be slinging the pigskin most of the game. How is a 6-5 man child who catches anything within a square mile of him NOT active?

They rotated WRs all night so how an extra body isn’t needed is beyond me.

I get roster choices are hard but there isn’t one backend CB or something that can be swapped for Tate!

My frustrations with this front office and staff are tempered by the situation they find themselves in, but not very much since nearly every team has a high profile starter on IR. Hell, the Browns scores 35 without their best TE. I also get that the staff is newer and younger than most but I’m about one bad time management play or one stupid roster decision (Or one Joh Ross dropped pass) away from a remote being stuck in my TV screen.

Ok, I feel better now. But not really though.

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James Rapien
James Rapien


I think he’ll be active moving forward, but there was always going to be an odd man out at WR. He played 15 snaps in Week 1 and wasn’t targeted.


I couldn't agree more. Odd man out at receiver should never be Auden Tate!
A.J has definitely lost a step. John Ross can't catch a cold. Tate is better than those two.
Burrow's overthrows to Green are not bad's just that Green can't get there
because of lack of speed. Ross needs a change of scenery period.


Odd man out and Auden Tate should never be used in the same sentence with this team. Tate is obviously the second best receiver on the Bengals.
Green has lost two steps and Ross can't catch a cold and he doesn't run hard.


By the way what happened to Billy Price? The Bengals must hate him. Six foot seven Fred Johnson is not a guard. he's to tall and has no leverage at that height that's why even at his size 320 plus he gets bull rushed. Price at six four is a guard. Wake up before Joe gets killed! Let Price play and tell Jim Turner to put his immature feeling aside.