Pro Football Focus ranks Bengals Andy Dalton as 20th best NFL quarterback

Tommy Jaggi

Andy Dalton has been as healthy as any quarterback in the league from 2011-2017, but the injury bug finally caught up with the Bengals starting quarterback last season. 

Dalton missed 6 games in 2018, and now enters the new year with an 18-24 record over the past three seasons. The 9-year veteran turns 32 this season, and fans have flirted with the notion of opening up competition at the quarterback position. 

Pro Football Focus recently ranked all 32 expected starting quarterbacks heading into the 2019 season. Andy Dalton landed as the 20th best signal caller by their assessment. 

Here is what Steve Palazzolo of PFF had to say about Dalton: 

There was a point in Dalton’s career in which he was the poster child for “average” quarterback, with his 2015 season the perfect example of a group of excellent skill players being able to elevate him to top-10 production. However, an influx of similar talents has pushed Dalton down the list of rankings in recent years. He got off to a good start last year, showing off his usual quick release and solid accuracy while sprinkling in a few off-script plays that have been needed for a while in order to elevate his game. A new scheme may instill even more life into Dalton’s game, and head coach Zac Taylor and company must take advantage of Dalton’s accuracy in between the numbers, particularly on seam routes.

Palazzolo isn't exactly high on Andy Dalton, as he ranked in the bottom half of quarterbacks in the league. However, there is good reason for hope. 

Dalton returns healthy this season, and new head coach, Zac Taylor, could provide a much needed spark that was lacking in the days of Marvin Lewis. 

Rams quarterback, Jared Goff, was shaping out to be a busted pick before Taylor came along. Goff started his career with an 0-7 record where he threw for just 5 touchdowns to his 7 interceptions. In the following two years with Taylor, Jared Goff improved to a 24-7 record with 60 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. 

Though it is highly unlikely that the 31-year old Andy Dalton could see as much improvement as Jared Goff, Zac Taylor has done great things over the past two seasons. 

It's not surprising to see Dalton labeled as the 20th best NFL quarterback this year. But with a new-look offense and a number of weapons at his disposal, perhaps he could elevate his status much higher than this.  

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I'd have Dalton in the top 25. Average QB that has potential but only disappoints.

Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi


Where would you have Dalton ranked among NFL quarterbacks entering 2019?