Bengals have 5 players make The Athletic's All-AFC North team

Tommy Jaggi

Writers from The Athletic recently came together to comprise a list of the 25 players to make the Preseason All-AFC North team. The Cincinnati Bengals had just 5 representatives make the list. 

Each of the five writers on the panel were given a first, second, and third place votes to use on each position. After the votes were tallied, here are the five Bengals to make the All-AFC North team:

Joe Mixon 

Joe Mixon was fantastic last season, and it's not a surprise to see him as the highest voted running back in the AFC North. Despite going against respectable running backs in James Conner, Nick Chubb, and Mark Ingram, Mixon won the voting by a landslide. 

Mixon earned 15 total votes, while Conner came in second with 7. Every running back outside of Joe Mixon received a combined 15 votes. 

A.J. Green 

A.J. Green played just 9 total games last season, but managed to oust JuJu Smith-Schuster for the All-AFC North team. He was second only to Odell Beckham in wide receiver voting (15 to 8). 

Despite his injuries, it's not a big surprise to see Green make this list. He has made the Pro Bowl 7 of his 8 NFL seasons, and is still considered one of the best receivers in football when healthy. 

Geno Atkins

Geno Atkins has been one of the most dominant forces on the inside of a defensive line for the past decade. Despite his age (31), he is still going strong and continues to be one of the bright spots on a Bengals team decimated by injuries and bad luck. 

Atkins came in second in voting, however, to Steelers Cameron Heyward. The two players combined for 25 of the total 30 votes, and made the team by a landslide. 

William Jackson

William Jackson is proving to be one of the best picks the Bengals have made in recent years. He earned a respectable grade of 73.4 from Pro Football Focus last season. 

Jackson was second to Denzel Ward in voting and won out over players like Marlon Humphrey and Joe Haden. He received 8 votes to make the team as the second cornerback. 

Alex Erickson 

Erickson was an easy decision to make the All-AFC North team as a return specialist after averaging 26.2 yards per kick return last season. 

He earned 15 total votes. The rest of the AFC North returners combined for the other 15 votes. 

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Jared Martin
Jared Martin

Little surprised to see Mixon win by so much. I feel like he hasn't really gotten the respect nationally.

Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi


Which other Bengals do you think are deserving of making the All-AFC North team?