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Dave Lapham on Hakeem Adeniji: 'He looks like a second or third-round' pick

Bengals analyst Dave Lapham believes in Hakeem Adeniji

CINCINNATI — The Bengals only selected one offensive lineman in the 2020 NFL Draft, but so far, sixth-round pick Hakeem Adeniji is looking like a steal. 

Offensive line coach Jim Turner raved about the Kansas alum in June. He's not the only one that has been impressed with Adeniji.

Analyst Dave Lapham raved about the 22-year-old in a conversation with Dan Hoard on the latest Bengals Booth Podcast. 

"I'm watching him play guard. I'm watching him play tackle. He's just covering people up," Lapham said. "He's got really good feet. He's taking great sets. But again, consistency. One time his jam is really good, the next time it's not and they're in his chest. You can't allow these defensive linemen in your chest or grabbing your shoulder pads or whatever. I'm not saying that he's there now, but I know he has [good] feet and I know he has intelligence because it's not too big for him. He's not in the huddle when they call a play looking at his center or his tackle when he's playing guard like 'what do I do?' And he's not doing that at the line of scrimmage when they audible."

Adeniji has spent time at both guard and tackle during training camp. The Bengals view him as a tackle, but like his versatility. 

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He was a four-year starter at Kansas, making 48 starts — 40 at left tackle and eight at right tackle.

"He has some potential," Lapham said. "I don't know how quickly it can be developed, but I think he does have potential. Tremendous late round find. He looks like a second or third-round guy the way he moves."

It's a good sign for an offensive line that desperately needs an injection of talent. The Bengals are banking on Jonah Williams and Michael Jordan to be a big part of their future in the trenches. Maybe Adeniji can work his way into that mix. 

Listen to Hoard's entire conversation with Lapham below. 

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