Bengals playoff chances plummet after 0-3 start

Tommy Jaggi

The Bengals suffered another tragic loss on Sunday. Facing the undefeated Bills, Cincinnati was man-handled in the first half of the game. However, despite a slow start that didn't see Cincinnati putting points on the board until under six minutes left in the third quarter, the Bengals had a chance to win.  

Zac Taylor's team had a few fortunate plays fall their way as they climbed back into the game late. However, as was the case in Seattle in week one, the Bengals failed to close out the game. 

An 0-3 start to the NFL season is typically the nail in the coffin. According to a study from Joe Osborne of Odds Shark, just 6 of 176 teams since 1980 have made the playoffs after starting the season 0-3. 

While this number seems incredibly low, there is a faint hope. The Houston Texans were able to make the tournament last year after a 0-3 start to the season. 

The Bengals have been close in 2 of their 3 contests, and they have a number of winnable games coming up against teams like Pittsburgh (0-3), Arizona (0-2-1), and Jacksonville (1-2). 

In the second half of the season, Cincinnati faces vulnerable opponents like the Raiders (1-2), Steelers (0-3), Browns (1-2), Jets (0-3), and Dolphins (0-3). Here is a look at their full remaining schedule. 

Is it likely that the Bengals turn things around and join the 3.4 percent of 0-3 teams to make the playoffs since 1980? Certainly not. However, there is always hope. 

At the very least, the Bengals have a promising new head coach and a young roster. Things will start trending in the right direction. It might just take longer than we had hoped. 

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There is always next year...time to look forward to the draft

Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi


We knew the Bengals playoff chances weren't good to begin with. However, the start have this season could have been very different. Cincy had 2nd half leads against both the Seahawks and Bills. Could just as easily be 2-1 right now and tied for division lead.