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Carlos Dunlap on Role With Bengals: 'I Don't Got Time For This'

Carlos Dunlap on Role With Bengals: 'I Don't Got Time For This'

CINCINNATI — Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap has been unhappy for weeks. He made that clear a few weeks ago when he openly complained about his role on defense and lack of communication from the coaching staff. 

"It sounds like it's not going to be me in there," Dunlap said at the time. "I think they want a different run stopper. I think I can give that to them."

"It just seems like this is what the coaches want. I don't know what the thought is, but evidently, focus on third down. So we've got to get them to third down with the young boys and do what I'm asked to do."

Since then, Dunlap has said the right things—or at least he did in a Instagram Live session earlier in the week

The two-time Pro Bowler appeared to reverse course on Saturday morning. He posted a picture of a whiteboard that had the Bengals' defensive end depth chart listed. 

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Dunlap was third on both ends behind Carl Lawson and newly signed Margus Hunt in the left side. Amani Bledsoe and rookie Khalid Kareem are ahead of him on the right side. 

"Bengals depth chart update: 'Stand Down And Stand By' is what this tells me," Dunlap wrote on Instagram. "Zac/Lou they got an experiment, but I don't got time for this."

Carlos Dunlap depth

The 31-year-old is clearly disgruntled. There have been rumblings of the Bengals trading Dunlap before the Nov. 3 deadline, but they usually don't make in-season trades. 

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