Jeff Driskel: "One more chance to get a chance to get a win"

Sports Xchange

What do you focus on for yourself personally during the last week of the season?

“It’s the last opportunity to go out and play this year. We want to go out and play good football — go out, execute and take in the plan. We got our first walk-through in this morning, and I’m just looking forward to watching the Steelers a little bit more this afternoon. and then getting out on the practice field and getting our first practice in of the week. It’s another week, and another opportunity to go out there and play good football and one more chance to get a chance to get a win against a division opponent.”

How have you evaluated yourself on film?

“You always have to look at the film critically, especially when you’re looking at yourself. I just have to go out and make more plays. I’ve made some plays, but obviously not enough, especially last week to win the game. I just have to go out make more plays, clean a few things up and get rolling, especially early in games.”

Is there more on the line this week with you guys having the chance to play the spoiler roll?

“I don’t think it has much to do with the spoiler roll. Any time we play the Steelers or any division opponent, it’s a big game for us, and we understand that. We also understand that it’s our last opportunity this year, so we want to go out on a high note.”