Joe Burrow speaks: 'The black community needs our help'

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow went to social media to speak on human rights issues in America

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to address the chaos that is currently going on in America.  

"The black community needs our help," Burrow wrote. "They have been unheard for far too long. Open your ears, listen, and speak. This isn’t politics. This is human rights."

Protests are happening across the country after the death of George Floyd. 

Floyd was stopped by Minneapolis police outside of a local convenient store on Monday evening on suspicion of using a counterfeit $20 bill. Video at the scene captured Floyd pinned on the ground as an officer placed his knee on Floyd's neck for approximately eight minutes. The 46-year-old died soon after the incident.

Four police officers were fired on Tuesday for their involvement in Floyd's death. 

Former officer Derek Chauvin was arrested on Friday and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. He was the officer who appeared to have his knee on Floyd's neck. 

Burrow is just one of many professional athletes that have addressed the issue over the past few days. 

"I’ve seen the video and I think it’s disgusting," Texans star defensive end J.J. Watt told KPRC 2 Houston on Tuesday. "I just don’t see how a man in handcuffs on the ground who is clearly detained and is clearly in distress, I don't understand how that situation can't be remedied in a way that doesn't end in his death."

LeBron James, Steve Kerr and Carson Wentz are a few of the many public figures in the sports community that have discussed the issue on social media.  

The Bengals drafted Burrow with the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. The former LSU star won the Heisman Trophy last season. He led Tigers to their first national championship since 2007.