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Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner likes comparisons to Bengals No. 1 pick Joe Burrow

Kurt Warner sees some of himself in Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow drew comparisons some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history during the pre-draft process. Some believe he could be the next Tom Brady, while others compare him to Peyton Manning. 

The 23-year-old reminds some evaluators of Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner. The former league MVP believes those comparisons are fair. 

“I actually had seen that a couple times out there, people making that comparison. And I kind of like it, based on what I’ve seen,” Warner said on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “If you go back and look at what they did at LSU, like 80% of the time, they went five out. Five-man protection, get everybody out, put it in the quarterback’s hands, deal the football. The accuracy part of it, the ability to make the throw down the field. But where he thrived was quick decisions, accuracy, [and] decision making. And that, to me, is exactly how I played the game.

“If you gave me one thing on the field and said, ‘Hey, we’ve got to play the whole game this way,’ I’m saying, ‘We’re going five out, and we’re going to block five and we’re going to put the pressure on the defense and you leave it up to me to make those decisions and get the ball to my playmakers,’ which is very much what LSU did in that great season that he had last year. So I like the comparisons.”

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Burrow has elite accuracy and decision making. The Bengals would be ecstatic if he ended up having a career that resembled Warner's. He appeared in three Super Bowls and was a two-time NFL MVP. 

Warner won Super Bowl XXXIV with the Rams.