Bills at Steelers Flexed To Sunday Night Football

Shannon Shepherd

During a game between the Texans and Patriots the Sunday Night Football broadcast announced that the Buffalo Bills game against the Steelers will be on NBC in week 15.

The Bills (9-3) were originally scheduled to face the Steelers (7-5) at 1 p.m. on a CBS broadcast on December 15th.

The game will mark Buffalo's first Sunday Night Football broadcast since 2007.

The move by Sunday Night Football to the Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo match up bumps the original pairing of the Minnesota Vikings at the Los Angeles Chargers.

The last time Pittsburgh and Buffalo met in a night game was 1996.

Before the week 15 now nationally televised test, the Bills host the Ravens (10-2) on December 8th at New Era Field. The Steelers travel to Arizona to face the Cardinals. 

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

I was just thinking when the last SNF game the Bills where in. Over 12 years ago is crazy to think about, maybe this can become a common occurrence over the next few years