Bills Ready For Sunday Night Football Stage

Shannon Shepherd

When the Bills take the field in Pittsburgh on Sunday night it will be their second nationally televised game in just three weeks.

Buffalo had no problem when every eye in the country was on them on Thanksgiving Day against the Cowboys, pulling off a 26-15 win.

This time, they will take the national stage on NBC's Sunday Night Football for the first time since 2007.

When the news was initially announced that Buffalo was being flexed to the SNF game, Bills head coach Sean McDermott pushed aside all questions. 

But, now game week against the Steelers is finally here and he knows his players are aware of another Prime time audience.

"It’s a game at the end of the day, it’s a game," McDermott said. "In terms of when we play it’s an opportunity for the players for sure, and I think it goes back to the mindset. The change of the mindset and the transformation of the mindset. It’s been a longtime coming. The guys have worked hard for it, but at the same time we have to go out and execute and do the things that are necessary to win a game whether you play a game at eight o’clock at night or one o’clock in the afternoon. What it takes to win is typically about the same."

Quarterback Josh Allen, who shined in the Bills win over Dallas with two touchdowns, echoed his coach's sentiments of not being rattled by a bigger audience.

"I really don’t think it bothers us too much or has too much of an impact on us," the second-year signal caller said. "Obviously, it’s a later game, so we have to adjust accordingly to the schedule, and go through there. Whether it’s leaving later on the plane, if it’s meetings in the morning of a game. That’s something we haven’t experienced as a team yet. It’s definitely going to be a learning adjustment for us, but I really feel like the schedule is the only thing that changes."

In addition to the Prime time spotlight, the Bills will also be looking to clinch their place in the postseason and reach 10 wins for the first time since 1999.

Kickoff is set for 8:20 p.m. on Sunday.

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Steelers shouldn't be an issue for the Bills. I think that their defense is too porous and they don't have enough offensive firepower to hand with the Bills for 4 quarters.