Week 14 Bills Playoff Outlook

Shannon Shepherd

After a dominating 26-15 win over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day, the Bills took yet another step towards the playoffs. 

According to the New York Times playoff simulator, the Bills now have a 95% chance to make the playoffs. 

That is up from 81% heading into week 13 and 65% entering week 12.

Now, for the fun part...what happens the rest of the way?

Right now, Buffalo holds the top spot in the AFC Wild Card race with a 9-3 record.

They are projected as the 5th seed, while the Patriots are clinging to a 10-2 record for the AFC East title.

Could the Bills win the AFC East? It is not mathematically improbable but right now their odds are at 3%. The Patriots would need to continue to stumble and the Bills would need to pick up a win at Foxborough.

The Bills next opponent, the Ravens, currently have the #1 seed in the AFC at 10-2 with a head to head win over the Patriots.

As it stands right now, the Bills would face the Chiefs in the Wild Card round. Kansas City is 8-4 and leads the AFC West. If they won that game (again, if the season ended right now) they would return to Foxborough and face New England for a third time.

All of this could change after this weekend's games with a handful of teams in the the AFC race playing each other.

The Patriots (2nd seed) host the Chiefs (4th seed).

The Bills (5th seed) host the Ravens (1st seed).

You can check out the New York Times Playoff Simulator, here.

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No. 1-1

Should be interesting to see how the Bills matchup with the Ravens. Ravens offense is high powered and going to give the Bills D a run for their money.