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Buffalo Bills React to Vontae Davis Quitting at Halftime

Bills cornerback asks to come out of loss to Chargers, hits the road during intermission

You know things are bad when a veteran NFL player who is making $5 million decides to quit - at halftime. But apparently that's what Bills cornerback Vontae Davis did Sunday with his team trailing, 28-6, to the Chargers on their way to a 31-20 defeat at New Era Field.

The 10-year veteran hit the road after two quarters of his season debut with the Bills. He was inactive last week against the Ravens, spared the 47-3 blowout loss in Baltimore.

Was he upset because he was a healthy scratch for the opener, a move that reportedly cost him some $47,000 in salary based on a bonus?

Was he angry because the Bills had been outscored, 75-9, in the first six quarters of the season?

Or was it that he was beaten like a mule on Mike Williams' touchdown pass while Philip Rivers completed 15 of his first 16 passes?

It could be D) all of the above.

Davis wasn't available after the game to answer such pertinent questions. Maybe he figured the game was over and wanted to get a jump on traffic.

I've been covering sports in various forms for nearly 30 years. That's a first.

No matter, his teammates were none too amused.

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Peace Frog
Peace Frog

Bye, Vontae, you gutless coward. Your coverage skills sucked anyways so now you have the rest of your life to nurse your sore groin.