Fine, I Was Wrrrr ... About Buffalo Bills Quarterback Nathan Peterman

Bucky Gleason

If you want to hear me say it ... I was wrong about Nathan Peterman.

People who know me would confirm I can be a little stubborn at times when it comes to my opinions. I've been known to dig in deeper when challenged and can belabor a point with the best of them. But there comes a time in which there's no running or hiding from the truth.

And that's exactly what happened when it came to Peterman, who was the better quarterback throughout the preseason before falling on his face Sunday. It's true.

This is also true: The Bills offensive line was so bad - and the receivers might have been worse -- that I'm not sure anybody would have survived the onslaught in the Ravens' 47-3 victory over the Bills.

What to do?

Play the kid, Josh Allen.

Allen had the better arm the minute he showed up to training camp. He's more mobile than Peterman, too. He led the Bills in rushing yards, for whatever that's worth. Any advantage Peterman had when it came to reading defenses and getting the ball out quicker, my basis for starting him, is so thin that it doesn't matter.

Allen is the presumptive franchise quarterback. The Bills are bracing for a long season, based on what we witnessed Sunday in Baltimore. They might as well develop him on the fly and find out if he can play.

For heaven's sake, however, get the kid some help.