Five Recommendations for Buffalo Bills' geniuses


A few recommendations for the Bills today as we get ready for the home opener against the Chargers:

* Use more two-tight end sets to help protect Josh Allen and get LeSean McCoy going in the running game.

* Dial up more creative blitzes on defense. No secondary is great without a pass rush. If you let Rivers sit back there, he'll pick you apart, as he did a year ago. Getting to the QB can really energize the 12th Man.

* Roll out Allen on occasion. This can minimize the pass rush and get him in position to more easily deliver the short throws to receivers on the move. It can expose him to hits, but so can standing in the pocket behind this O line.

* Give Vontae Davis his chance to prove himself. They gave a former Pro Bowler money to help at cornerback. There was speculation they wanted to save $47,000 by not having him dress. That can't play well in the locker room.

* McDermott should do something bold early. Go on fourth down in your own territory. Run a flea-flicker. Try an onsides kick. Anything to let people know you're not some wooden, generic old school head coach.

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I dont always agree with you but agree 100% on all of the above.


Based on last week's performance, Buffalo's defense is not going to inconvenience Mr. Rivers or the rest of the Chargers' offense for that matter. Until (unless) the Bills offense gets going, which is unlikely with "Just Gimme My Damn Paycheck" performances by the likes of Clay & Benjamin, they are likely to get behind big and early. They are nowhere near a come-from-behind team. 37-10 feels about right. Allen shows some flashes of potential but the supporting offensive cast & Dabol's pedestrian playcalling burn the roast.