Broncos 7-Round Mock Draft | Senior Analyst's Final Version

Erick Trickel

The NFL Draft is right around the corner. Just days away. There have been so many changes to the draft process this year that it is even more guesswork than ever before. 

Those changes have made making mock drafts all the harder, but here we are. This final  Denver Broncos mock draft was made based on the latest information I've been able to obtain.

There are no trades in this mock, just a straight forward 10-pick mock draft. However, how the picks were made is what brings about the twist. Around the internet, there are four mock simulators with Pro Football Focus, Pro Football Network, The Draft Network, and Fanspeak all having simulators. 

For this mock, I didn’t make any picks. Instead, each simulator was run 10 times, so 40 total simulations, all on automatic for the Denver Broncos. From there, the players at each pick were counted up going with the most picked player at each pick.

To keep from one position getting overloaded, my influence on the results was going with what was a need. This kept it from being an overwhelming wide receiver and offensive line mock draft. 

However, the times I had to go away from the most picked player was small in number with only three picks not being the most-selected player. Two of those three ended up being prospects who received the second-most selections, with the third one being the fourth-most. Without further ado. 

Round 1, Pick 15: Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama

This was the most selected player in the simulations. (16/40)

The attention Ruggs has drawn from Denver has been no secret and the word going around is he is the team's No. 1 WR. He has great hands with the lowest drop percentage of the top-three receivers, offers up good after the catch ability, and the speed to open up everyone else on offense. 

Watching the tape, it's easy to see that Ruggs isn’t just a speed receiver and offers up a lot more for NFL teams. While he may not be a true WR1, he has the traits to be an elite No. 2 receiver, which has grown in value exponentially over the years.

Round 2, Pick 46: Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State

This was the most selected player in the simulations. (27/40)

Denver wants a tackle that can be developed to be an option after 2020, or in 2020 if Garett Bolles doesn’t continue progressing or Ja’Waun James gets hurt. Cleveland has a lot of upside, but he has to get a lot stronger for the NFL.

Round 3, Pick 77: Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia

This was the most selected player in the simulations. (22/40)

Denver has eyes on three positions for their first three picks in this draft — WR, OT, and CB. Two of the three are checked, and now Denver gets the corner. Hall has the traits to be excellent in the Vic Fangio scheme, but he will need his tackling to improve. The traits are there, but needs to be consistent as a tackler.

Round 3, Pick 83: Davon Hamilton, DL, Ohio State

The most selected player through the simulations. (31/40)

Mike Purcell is a solid player, but he is a jag (just another guy). There is little upside with him and he doesn’t offer much as a pass rusher. Denver upgrades their interior presence with Hamilton. Bill Kollar will need to work to make Hamilton more consistent, but he has first-round traits and day-three consistency.

Round 3, Pick 95: Damien Lewis, IOL, LSU

The most selected player through the simulations. (24/40)

Denver signed Graham Glasgow to be the right guard and is now looking to draft a center. However, through the sims, no center ended up being the pick and with Glasgow able to play center, Lewis fits in well. Lewis can step in right away at right guard and give Denver their interior trio for multiple years.

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Round 4, Pick 118: Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB, Appalachian State

This was the second-most selected player with guard Shane Lemieux as the first. (17/40)

The Broncos need more versatility on their defense and Davis-Gaither really brings it. He played in the slot, off-ball, deep, and on the line at Appalachian State while making an impact at each position. Denver upgrades its ability to cover from the linebacker position.

Round 5, Pick 178: Darnell Mooney, WR, Tulane

This was the player most selected in the simulations at this pick. (20/40)

Mooney has great speed to challenge deep, but also has very solid routes to attack everywhere on the defense. People talk of Ruggs III being like Tyreek Hill, but Mooney is even more like Hill than Ruggs is. Denver wants play-makers that offer up speed and they landed two in this mock.

Round 6, Pick 181: Larrell Murchison, DL, North Carolina State

Going with the second most player here after WR was the first-most selected position. (13/40)

Denver can use some more depth among their defensive ends. Murchison doesn’t have tremendous athleticism, but he is a high-motor player with solid technique. The added depth and what Murchison brings can be of use to Coach Kollar and Fangio on the defensive front.

Round 7, Pick 252: Jaylinn Hawkins, S, California

Hawkins was the number four player with an OL and two WRs being the top three. (7/40)

Hawkins has a good nose for the ball and fits in very well as a No. 3 safety for the Broncos. He can play deep with good range, close to the line with solid physicality, but also drop in the slot. It would be an immediate upgrade over what Denver has already.

Round 7, Pick 254: Darius Anderson, RB, TCU

Through the simulations, Anderson was the No. 1 picked player in this draft slot. (26/40)

To add to their running back room, the Broncos add 'Jet' Anderson. He has really good vision and solid burst. This is a player that can reliably pick up 5-10 yards, and occasionally more. With injury concerns to Melvin Gordon, as well as the fact that Phillip Lindsay and Gordon each have two years left of team control, and Royce Freeman disappointing, the Broncos need additional help.

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No. 1-9

Vast improvement, but unfortunately Denver won't be afforded the same luxuries.

I expect Elway to aggressively move around for targets. I'm positive they have three or four players they want to plug and play this season.


I would like to see a DB/S taken earlier to fill in for the loss of Parks but this is a solid draft & one that most fans & Broncos would be pleased with.


Ok mock. I would like to see this though

1 Jeudy, ruggs, lamb (Probably ruggs)
2 trevon diggs/Chinn/ Winfield, hell, maybe even Mckinney or delpit falls to us.
3a Matt peart
3b troy dye
3c Tyler biadasz
4a alohi gillman
trade last 2 7s and 6th for
an extra 4 which we get :
4b kj hill

I would rather pick a coverage linebacker because AJ and Davis are both run stopping and blitzing ILB. Troy dye is primarily a coverage linebacker so he would fit well with an excellent run stopper like Alexander Johnson.


Ok...get Elway to just send that in and we are in good shape! ;-)


Darnell Mooney is another speed compliment that fits well. Ran a 4.38 40. His size is similar to KJ Hamler so probably relegated to slot duties? I’m thinking the smaller size will make it easier to defenses to lose track of them.


This is a solid mock and would like the top 3 picks to unfold this way unfortunately I don’t see it happening. Ruggs could be the pick that one is good but I don’t see Cleveland lasting until 46 there is too much good buzz around him some mocks even have him sneaking into the first. I don’t see him going that high more likely between 33 and 40. And love the Bryce Hall pick but now that his medical has come back saying he is good to go his stock rises as well I see him going somewhere in the 60 to 70 range. So while I like the picks I just don’t see them making it until Denver is on the clock.


This would be a great draft haul. To address their three greatest needs on the first three picks would be outstanding. If it turns out this way, I would be thrilled.

B'wana Beast
B'wana Beast

Great mock if we are pushing Glasgow to C. I will make sure to post this link on YouTube. To make sure people can find the article.


Does this trade work. Let Garret Bolles go in trade with Redskins along with a 3rd in exchange for Trent Williams.