Don't be Shocked if Broncos Wait to Pick Offense in 2020 Draft; Here's Why

Erick Trickel

The Denver Broncos have a quarterback of the future in Drew Lock and the team just brought in Pat Shurmur to work with him as offensive coordinator. The Broncos are doing all they can to give Lock every chance to succeed and finally secure that elusive long-term quarterback that can compete for a Super Bowl.

However, Denver's offense is lacking talent at key positions and these roster holes need to be addressed. Right now, the Broncos' wide receiver corps is lacking with Courtland Sutton the only viable option. 

Tim Patrick is a solid depth guy, but he is so similar he might as well be called 'Sutton-lite', which is problematic. DaeSean Hamilton has a shot to compete for the No. 3 receiver spot in 2020, but he lacks speed and explosiveness, while his issues with spacing are even bigger.

The Broncos need a wideout who can help stretch the field and complement Sutton. Being able to take the top off the defense can open up things underneath for tight end Noah Fant, as well as Sutton — and perhaps even Hamilton if he wins the WR3 job. However, to really take advantage of the spacing in Shurmur's offensive scheme, adding a yards-after-the-catch monster can also elevate the Broncos to another level.

This offense also needs a complementary in-line blocking tight end to counter Fant’s athleticism and blocking issues. However, that is a niche when it comes to the big picture, so while it is needed in a perfect world, it isn’t critical.

Adding a running back who can balance out and complement Phillip Lindsay should be high on the team's list as well. Royce Freeman isn’t cutting it and looked terrible this past season. 

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Denver needs a more explosive and reliable running back behind Lindsay. Securing one will make the Broncos' offense even more potent, especially if the team gets a receiver that can stretch the field. 

None of this makes mention of an offensive line that needs reinforcements from basically top to bottom. Multiple starters will need to be acquired with the depth of the unit needing to be overhauled.

Spacing is the name of the game for the NFL and although Shurmur's scheme answers taht bell, the Broncos are lacking the personnel options to take it from the whiteboard to the grid-iron. Fortunately for Denver, there are plenty of options in the 2020 NFL Draft with how deep the class is on the offensive side of the ball.

With the draft being so deep on offense, and not so much on defense, the Broncos can sit back and wait to fill those needs Shurmur and Lock will have. Showing restraint won't necessarily mean that the Broncos are avoiding building that nest around Lock. Denver recognizes its roster needs and knows it can wait to draft offense without having to reach.

In the video above, I break down specifically how waiting on offense might be the smartest approach for the Broncos in the 2020 draft. As always, leave your thoughts on the issue in the comment section below. 

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I ran a few mock simulators and everyone has the Broncos missing out on OT with WR (Ruggs) and CB (Diggs & Fulton) left as BPA. I did have a few where Simmons fell to 15 but I think that's wishful thinking.
I agree with you that this is very deep at WR which they can wait until day 2 or 3.
If they do focus on D first - who do you see them picking at 15?


Kinlaw baby!

Seriously won’t be upset if they go defense in the first. I’m partial to the trenches early on because having a strong front opens up Fangio’s D even more. But really, any blue chipper won’t be a disappointment.


Everything is speculation until free agency unfolds. It would however be an epic failure not to take advantage of the bountiful offensive talent in this year's draft.

The D side of the draft stinks. It's paper thin across the board. Two of the best CB this year were burned to a crisp last night. Two quality ILB's and a couple of D line difference makers are all the D needs of Denver's interest early.

That is weighed against a plethora of offensive talent. Denver needs that talent to compete against KC.


The Broncos will Draft a DT with their first pick! They will trade down, into the 20's a pick up a couple extra picks(one for next yr. similar to the trade last yr.) I think John will only re-sign Wolfe, Harris will be more than John wants to spend! I think if he's going to spend big on a DT it will be trying to get Chris Jones! After that the Broncos can do want the Patriots do every year and trade up and down in the draft and get the guys they are targeting. With 12 picks to start with the can move almost anywhere they want without blowing future drafts!