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The Denver Broncos have a lot of talent, there is no arguing that. However, some players have struggled to the point the team should look at upgrading. 

GM John Elway is a competitor and always looks at upgrading the roster if he possibly can and after the Hall of Fame Game, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Broncos make a change somewhere. 

Here are my five players that should be examined as needing a potential upgrade, and correspondingly, an outside guy who can potentially be just that.

Steven Dunbar, WR: Color me unimpressed with Dunbar's game. A bad fumble at a bad time and other issues showed up during the game. 

Dunbar hasn’t been with the team for long, but based on the first preseason game, and despite having the second-most catches, the Broncos can get an upgrade. Team depth at receiver is pretty strong, but good teams churn the bottom of the roster, and that should be what happens here. 

Replacement: Peirre Garcon.

Garcon was with the San Francisco 49ers a year ago, so he would know the scheme and could step in right away with a good understanding of his role. A roster spot wouldn’t be guaranteed, but it would add a tougher aspect of competition to the bottom of the depth chart. 

Linden Stephens, CB:The cornerback got picked on and apart by the Falcons' third-string quarterback. There were some major struggles from Stephens, including an inability to stick to his assignments and show that he's worth keeping around. Another depth piece that can be churned. 

Replacement: Captain Munnerlyn.

Munnerlyn made my list of free agents that could help the team. He is a good scheme fit, and in this case, not only upgrades over Stephens, but he would push Isaac Yiadom and De'Vante Bausby as well. It would come down to cost, but if Denver can afford it, do it.

Chaz Green, OT: The depth lineman played a lot of reps at left tackle and he did not belong. Green is a right tackle or guard, so it isn’t all on him for the issues he had there. 

He was late a few times to get to position and struggled in pass protection. He can be upgraded with someone who can actually compete at left tackle

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Replacement: Ryan Schraeder.

Schraeder has mostly been a right tackle, but he is a better fit in the scheme and at tackle than Green is. Schraeder has experience in the scheme, where he had his best years in the NFL and was considered one of the better right tackles in the NFL. 

Connor McGovern, C: Get those hips up and fix snapping to shotgun, or take a seat. That is what it comes down to. 

Everything else with McGovern is perfectly fine, but snapping is job No. 1 for a center and he is really struggling when in the shotgun. That has to be fixed, or he should be replaced. 

Replacement: John Sullivan.

John Sullivan is a veteran and a good center. If Denver can bring him in, they'd have someone to push and help McGovern and a good backup just in case. 

Joe Jones/Billy Winn (injured): This is kind of a cop-out. Both players suffered injuries that will see them miss some time. It isn’t about play with these two needing an upgrade, and that sucks. 

Utilizing all 90 spots of the offseason roster is something teams need to do. With both guys suffering partially torn triceps, they are going to miss a lot of time. 

Replacements: Drew Lewis/Elijah Qualls.

Drew Lewis is a linebacker from Colorado who was with the Houston Texans and Indianapolis but was just waived recently by the Colts. Denver likes their young depth, so a veteran seems unlikely but a young, athletic player from their own backyard?

These guys are not likely to make the roster, but Lewis is a guy that drew interest from Denver after the draft and he is available now. 

Qualls was released by the Panthers and is still a free agent. It would be another move for depth that is unlikely to make the roster. 

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