WATCH: Bills' Lawson Hollers 'F**k You' to Broncos' McGovern at Midfield Post-Game

Chad Jensen

The Buffalo Bills defense had a day vs. the Denver Broncos impotent offense. Denver could only muster 134 total yards and were unable to even move the chains once in the final 22 minutes of the Week 12 tilt. 

Buffalo trounced Denver 20-3. In such a lopsided battle, you'd think cooler heads would prevail and that certain Broncos wouldn't get too high on their horse. 

Not center Connor McGovern, though. 

Following the game, as players met at midfield to extend congratulations and pleasantries, Bills DE Shaq Lawson had a little something sticking in his craw. Lawson had a message for McGovern. 

"You'll remember my name. I had two sacks on your ass. F**k you," Lawson said. "F**k you. I got two sacks on your as$. You'll remember me now!"

Lawson was jawing as if the Bills just won the Super Bowl. Act like you've been there before, amirite? 

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In all seriousness, McGovern purportedly told Lawson earlier in the game that he'd never heard of him. Standing on the mountain of achievement that was two sacks (one of which was a miscue in which he was unblocked), Lawson was feeling his oats. 

McGovern had one of his worst games as a Bronco, meanwhile. The Broncos could only muster 85 yards on the ground, which wasn't terrible (on 17 attempts) but the offensive unit was overall impotent. 

You live, you learn. Players jaw during the game. Some take the trash talk more seriously than others. 

Lawson has only posted a two-sack game once before. He's in his fourth season as a former first-round pick out of Clemson. 

With only 15 career sacks, he's learned to celebrate even the most modest of personal victories. 

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No. 1-2

This is such a non-story, the twitter hack has obviously never played in a football game above say 4th grade. What Lawson did was pretty pleasant. If you can read lips at all watch Phil pretty much every time he gets up. He has more shit to say then any Bronco since Shannon Sharpe. The first thing McGovern should have said after he laughed was, "and your still waking up in the is POS town tomorrow and I am waking up at the base of the Rockies. Sorry Bruh but whos got the last laugh?"


McGovern wasn’t bluffing as he apparently didn’t even notice Shaq enough to block him.