Broncos 2020 Roster Breakdown: Jake Butt | TE

Erick Trickel

Each summer, Mile High Huddle goes player by player to break down the Denver Broncos' roster. That’s right, all 90 of them.

We'll scrutinize each player's history, dating back to college, and what they bring to the 2020 Broncos. Next up? Tight end Jake Butt.

Thanks to bite of the injury bug, which has been constant, Butt's luck as a pro has been awful. The one time he was healthy and saw action during the regular season (first three weeks of 2018), he showed some promise. 

While Butt still has potential, his health has held him back. Clearly the Broncos see something in him as the team has kept him around and is working with him as he has rehabbed his way back to full health. 

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With the additions the Broncos have made at tight end this offseason, the team sent the message that it's time for him to stay healthy and step up. With the additions of Nick Vannett and Albert Okwuegbunam, the tight end room has gotten quite crowded. 

Austin Fort showed promise in the 2019 preseason prior to an ACL injury, Andrew Beck has versatility, and Noah Fant is the hopeful star of the group. It's a logjam of talent for such an underutilized position in the Pat Shurmur offense. 

Butt's NFL road has been long and painful. However, this is his last chance to make a mark with the team that drafted him. The Broncos simply can’t wait any longer. For a deep-dive look at Butt, check out the video above. 

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Butt could have been a really good story but unfortunately he couldn’t get rid of the injury bug that has followed him around since his last year in college. He was a draft day steal in the 5th if healthy he was clearly a 2nd or 3rd round pick by most draft gurus but like I said unfortunately it hasn’t worked out. He is still young enough to be a good TE for someone but I don’t believe it will be the Broncos he just has to prove he can stay healthy. Maybe the Broncos stash him on the expanded practice squad this year let him try to get completely healthy and try to recoup a pick for him in 2021 that’s about the best scenario I can see for him at this point.


I don’t know about it being a “logjam of talent” at the position. It’s really still just Noah Fant and a bunch of guys who haven’t performed or haven’t performed well. The fact that Andrew Beck can come in and do as well as Heuerman doesn’t speak to a lot of quality depth at this position. I guess there is something to say for having a lot of “potential” there. But until injured guys can stay healthy and healthy guys actually show something more, it’s kinda looking scattershot behind the starter.

Dick Hanky
Dick Hanky

I would have already cut ties, I don't see a return on this investment, just money going out. They love to sign injured players. I haven't given up on Fort and I think Beck is the bees knees. The Vannett signing was ridiculous, guaranteed money for a back up TE that isn't that great of a blocker. Ask the Steelers or a Steelers fan if they miss him. I read some Pittsburgh articles when he left. They dogged his blocking, which is supposedly his strength. He's not much of a receiver either, turtle slow. Fort and Beck have both run a 4.56 40, and we know Fant and O can move. That's a fast TE room, and I think Beck and Fort can block, we know Beck can.


Butt is fully healthy now. I'd love to see him kill it and make the team. What Broncos fan doesn't like a comeback story - it's in the Team DNA! Who else came back? DT, Von, Chubb...Manning...others and Elway! I would hate to see him star on another team....