5 Things That Went Wildly Wrong for the Broncos in Week 7

Erick Trickel

Going into Week 7's tilt, I spotlighted the Kansas City Chiefs' weaknesses the Denver Broncos would have to exploit in order to walk away with a win. 

However, that didn’t happen, as the Broncos fell 30-6, and I am left questioning what high school football team Denver convinced to play in their place. 

All joking aside, despite some obvious weaknesses for the Chiefs, the Broncos obviously failed to exploit them.

Each week I break down how the Broncos can exploit their opponents, and every week I go back and watch to see if they exploited those weaknesses or not. That got me wondering why not turn it into an article and here we are. '

This article will be analyzing what happened and what the Broncos did, or didn’t, do to exploit the vulnerabilities of their opponent

A Failure to Establish the Run

Entering the game. the Chiefs had a horrible run defense, and that is something I still think is the case. Despite this being an exploitable weakness, the Broncos ran 21 times — 11 carries for Phillip Lindsay and 10 for Royce Freeman — for a total of 71 yards. 

That's over 100 yards less than what the Chiefs were relinquishing per game going into Week 7, so what happened?

It's actually simple. There was no respect for the Broncos passing game and the Chiefs sold out to stop the run. Joe Flacco is a bad quarterback, but he needs a run game to really have any form of success and when that is gone, he's significantly worse. 

The Chiefs sold out to shut down the run and the Broncos got away from it quickly. Denver was not able to make the Chiefs pay for selling out to stop the run, which allowed the opponent to continue to key in on it. It didn’t help that the Broncos offensive line was atrocious.

Held up Solidly in Coverage & but Didn't Blitz

The Broncos, for the most part, found ways to play solid in coverage with a mix of zone and man coverage. Of course, losing Patrick Mahomes helped the Broncos defense limit the Chiefs' passing game. 

As for blitzing, that isn’t a big part of Vic Fangio’s defense and not doing it enough hurt the Broncos a few times against Kansas City.

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A Failure to Attack Chiefs' Secondary

This is something the Broncos actually tried to do, at times. Some of the time they tried, it was actually successful. Denver managed to make a few big plays and they took some shots downfield. 

So what was the issue here? The Chiefs got a pass rush going.

Part of what got Kansas City going was their game-plan that so effectively put pressure on all of Denver's vulnerabilities, but the Broncos offensive line helped the Chiefs out a lot, as did Flacco. 

Denver struggled to protect their quarterback, and he struggled to protect himself. When you are giving up almost half a dozen sacks in one half and a pressure every time you call a pass play, it makes it difficult to really attack the opposing secondary.

A Failure to Exploit Kansas City's Beleaguered O-Line

The Chiefs are banged up on their offensive line, which was supposed to lead to a good matchup for the Broncos. The Broncos front seven beat up on a bad Titans and a bad Chargers O-line, so it was reasonable to expect them to get after the Chiefs. That didn’t happen, though.

Andy Reid is an expert offensive mind and he found ways to cover up for the shortcomings of his offensive line. The Chiefs' unit also found a way to step up. 

Kansas City did a good job of shutting down the Broncos' pass rush, and created some decent running lanes, especially when Denver was in smaller packages. Mitchell Schwartz, one of the best right tackles in the NFL, completely shut down Von Miller.

Too Few Players Stepped Up

As for the players that needed to step up, offensively, Lindsay and Freeman did their best but the O-line was so bad. Noah Fant was atrocious out there, and the calls of him being a bust are only going to get greater. 

Of course, there is the right tackle Elijah Wilkinson. Garett Bolles was awful out there, but Wilkinson managed to be worse and continues to give up pressures and sacks at a un-NFL-worthy rate.

On the defensive side of the ball, Chris Harris, Jr. played a bad game, especially in the second half, bottling up Tyreek Hill outside of one play. There was Justin Simmons, who played a good game, but he was one of the few who managed to step up along with Malik Reed. 

Denver didn’t move Reed and Miller around, which pitted Miller against Schwartz and as said above, he got shut out. 

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See Erick we may disagree a lot but I never outright called you an idiot! Calling Noah Fant a bust after 7 games is ridiculous and the people that are doing that should be ashamed of themselves very little TE’s and WR’s make huge impacts their rookie seasons. For all the people bitching about the Oline and the offense there is a YouTube video someone made of all of Drew Lock’s preseason snaps go watch that video. On it you will see a QB who moves around really well moving in the pocket DESIGNED runs bootlegs throwing to wide open receivers I know it’s only preseason snaps but you see a totally different offense being run that what you see now with Flacco. Just like in Baltimore last season you will see a drastic difference in the offense once Flacco is benched I’m not saying they will go on a playoff run but you will see an offense that can at least move the ball.


At this point I wouldn take a first for Von Miller and be done with it, it seems I'm reading articles every week of how non existent he was for the game and to be honest outside of his super bowl run he never really just takes over a game like you see with mack and donald, I also think this team takes on a lot of his personality which never seems to me that he has the desire to dominate and gets too down on themselves.


Also not sure Denver would sign him and Chubb to big deals at the same time.


Vons new Halloween costume = The Invisible Man! He is not winning one on one's...again??? WTF? CHJ getting smoked again and again??? Ya know Sanders is the only one of the three making plays and has been a leader. Too bad we can't keep him. If our top paid guys refuse to make plays what's the point of keeping them? I am sure Elway, just as fans did, counted on these top vet guys to have big years as everyone was right to do. Coaches can't make plays. CHJ needs to go...we'll see if he can sell the tape he's been putting up...


You look at the schedule I don't see another win the rest of the year, maybe the Raiders and I'd bet we dont see Lock all year, cause even at 9 losses Elway will come out and say Flacco in his prime and we got a chance to win some games.


Flacco is the worst QB we have had in years , bench him even osweiler was better , bring back Trevor if nothing else. There is absolutely no hope with Floppo he sucks