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Many fans are hoping that one particular holdover from the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl 50 championship squad will remain in the Mile High City. DL Derek Wolfe is available to other teams as an unrestricted free agent, raising the specter that his productive eight-year tenure as a Bronco could come to an end.

Beyond Wolfe's obvious skills on the field of play, it has been the lineman’s forthright opinions and honest soundbites that have always made him a much loved and respected member of the Broncos family.

So it comes as no surprise that the 30-year-old has been quick to voice his concerns and displeasure over the thorny issues that make up the pending NFL CBA deal. He spoke with KOA radio recently and he got straight to the heart of the matter by stating his opinions,

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The inner workings of the CBA are still up for debate and are being negotiated alongside the NFL Players Union. The NFLPA will be voting soon so Wolfe’s strong opinion stacks on top of several other high-profile NFL stars, like Richard Sherman, who have used social media platforms to sometimes directly make their point against the workings of the potential agreement.

The new league year, which is a hard deadline coming next week, means players' votes have to soon be cast and counted. Age-old monetary disagreements have served to somewhat inevitably muddy the waters of negotiation. However, the real elephant in the room is the owners' desire to add a 17th game to the already grueling 16-game season.

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Consequently, Wolfe has pulled no punches over his stance that it’s more than just settling on a figure on the financial package that will unite the warring factions. What he has made clear is that adding an extra game to the schedule will have to be matched by an extra bye week that can offset the additional strain and provide an essential window of rest and recovery time.

Wolfe is more qualified than most NFL stars to give his opinions on the matter, having suffered several season-ending injuries, including an elbow dislocation that cut short what was a crucial contract year for the lineman in 2019.

The University of Cincinnati alumni also served up a more stark warning that the potential 17th game could hurt the overall NFL product as it will end up being what amounts to dead rubber, all due to the number of extra injuries that could be sustained.

It’s a take that has largely gone unconsidered as the NFLPA and owners have gone back and forth over the revenue sharing percentages that have been front and center in their discussions. It’s the status quo that if the league's 32 owners are to increase the revenue share split from 47% to 48.5%, then the players will have to give their pound of flesh as a form of reciprocal payment.

Cloaked behind Wolfe’s intimidating appearance and on-field persona is a considered and intelligent mind that has now managed to cast the spotlight on the deeper hidden issues that are close to the player’s hearts and minds. It may well be the case that the owners and even the majority within the NFLPA are willing to shelf deep-rooted concerns in order to accept the mighty dollar instead.

Make no mistake about it, the core DNA of the game and its broader landscape will be altered forever in the coming days. Arriving late in the day, a well-respected veteran such as Wolfe stepping up to the plate with his reservations could yet have a ripple effect in his own locker room and beyond.

Facing his own tricky contract negotiations next week with perhaps the Broncos and outside teams over securing a new contract as a free agent, it takes a lot of strength to publicly stand up for your own cause and beliefs so vocally. That kind of guts and integrity is maybe worth keeping around, don’t you think?

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