MMQB's Latest 5-Round Mock Floods Broncos' Roster With Impact Players

Chad Jensen

Mock your socks off. 

'Tis the mocking season. And all the draftniks across the fruited plain are taking their best stab at how the 2020 NFL Draft will unfold. 

Here at Mile High Huddle, we find it interesting to keep tabs on these mocks, so long as they're coming from credible media sources. And who is more credible than the MMQB?

SI's Kevin Hanson released his latest mock and this time, it was a five-rounder. Hanson's selections flooded the Denver Broncos roster with high-impact players but did they fit the team's needs? 

Those needs are: wide receiver, cornerback, offensive line, off-ball linebacker, safety. Let's take a look. 

Round 1

15. Denver Broncos: Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama

Drew Lock and Noah Fant both showed promise in their rookie seasons and Courtland Sutton had a breakout sophomore campaign (1,112 yards). The Broncos could use an upgrade opposite Sutton, however, as no other returning wide receiver reached the 300-yard mark in 2019. Posting a combine-fastest 40-yard dash (4.27), Ruggs has the ability to stress any defense and is a threat to take any slant to the house.

MHH: This one is no shocker as the only draft prospect to be more strongly tied to Broncos' GM John Elway than Ruggs, all-time, is Drew Lock. Lock ended up in the Orange and Blue and the odds are solid that Ruggs will follow suit. 

Round 2

46. Denver Broncos: Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State

MHH: This one makes a lot of sense for multiple reasons. One, the Broncos have a legitimate interest in Cleveland and have held a Zoom pre-draft meeting with him. Two, Cleveland would fit a need and is a very intriguing O-line player with some untapped potential. Under the purview of Broncos' O-Line Coach Mike Munchak, Cleveland could flourish. 

Round 3

77. Denver Broncos: Ashtyn Davis, S, Cal

MHH: While I don't love this pick, there's no question Davis is a very good safety prospect. Our Senior Draft Analyst Erick Trickel has Davis ranked as his fifth-best safety in the class. The Broncos would have their Will Parks replacement and a long-term option to succeed the 32-year-old Kareem Jackson. 

Round 3

83. Denver Broncos (via PIT): Logan Wilson, LB, Wyoming

MHH: Wilson is a prospect who's seen his draft stock skyrocket since the Combine. This kid could offer the Broncos a permanent solution at off-ball linebacker opposite of Alexander Johnson and bring some athleticism to the coverage unit. 

Round 3

95. Denver Broncos (via SF): Darnay Holmes, CB, UCLA

MHH: I don't love this pick, to be honest, especially with Amik Robertson (a takeaway machine) still on the board. If the Broncos take another CB in the third round, the prospect has to be a hit after Elway's struggles with Brendan Langley and Isaac Yiadom. I'm doubtful Holmes would break the cycle of third-round CB whiffs. Holmes is Trickel's 15th-ranked CB, while Robertson is ranked 10th.

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Round 4

118. Denver Broncos: Logan Stenberg, IOL, Kentucky

MHH: The Broncos don't necessarily need to add a pure offensive guard but if Stenberg is a fine player. Center remains a massive hole on this roster. Stenberg is Trickel's 8th-ranked OG. 

Round 5

179. Denver Broncos: Keith Ismael, IOL, San Diego State

MHH: And the Broncos get a center who can come in and compete with Patrick Morris for the starting job in between LG Dalton Risner and RG Graham Glasgow. Ismael is Trickel's 5th-ranked center prospect in the class. 

The Final Tally

In the MMQB's mock, the Broncos checked the boxes of several roster needs, including locking down that speed-demon WR, a long-term offensive tackle, a long-term off-ball linebacker and two interior offensive linemen. 

I don't love the Holmes pick and the Stenberg pick probably could have been better spent on other roster needs, considering the Broncos' relative strength and depth at the position. But an overall solid mock draft haul. 

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Comments (8)
No. 1-7

I saw this mock earlier and while it’s not bad I just don’t love it either. While I’m on board with Ruggs from all I’ve read and seen lately I believe he is the first receiver drafted so that will leave Lamb or Jeudy which I’m also fine with WR should be the pick. In the second Cleveland makes sense and is a good pick I would go with CB here there should be plenty of good options on the board Damon Arnette and Jaylon Johnson are a couple of options. Then at the top of the third get the Tackle Lucas Niang Matthew Peart and Ben Bartch are a few options that should still be on the board. Then I love the Logan Wilson pick I’ve pretty much have this same pick at this spot in my own mocks. Then go with Center Nick Harris or Tyler Badiasz with that last third rounder I personally like Badiasz coming from Wisconsin they usually send really good prospects to the NFL. And from everything I’ve read about Badiasz I think he would be a great addition to the middle of this line. Then in the fourth I got Leki Fotu IDL I know the Broncos have talked to him so I like him here in the fourth. This gives the Broncos 5 quality starters and Fotu would be in a rotation on the DL like you said Chad now is the time for mocks and with only two weeks to go better get mocking.


Is Hanson a Broncos fan? First three picks fell further than most expect. If Cleveland is there at 46, it would be hard not to take him since he can play both OT spots well. I agree with Brew, need to get a Center by the 3rd, but Harris seems a better fit for Shurmur and doesn't have the injury concerns of Biadasz. Logan Wilson seems a bit slow to cover the elite TEs in the division, so I would go with ADG instead unless he was off the board already.

Bucky Bronco
Bucky Bronco

This is a weak mock draft. WR Ruggs likely won’t be there at 15. OT Ezra Cleveland had a good combine but much better prospects will be available in round 2. The Broncos don’t need a safety in round 3 unless he’s a versatile impact player which Ashtyn Davis isn’t. CB Darnay Holmes reportedly has some character issues and should be avoided. Logan Stenberg looks like an average NFL guard but the Broncos have a desperate need at center and there should be an excellent center prospect available in round 3. If this mock looks anything like the Broncos actual draft, it will be very disappointing.


Three OL? Really?? That's just unrealistic...


Draft the best player on the board...period...when you start drafting for need, you tend to reach, which is not good..

Mr. Pioneer
Mr. Pioneer

Well, he got the first one right. After that a center, DB, and another WR. Badiasz or Ruiz would be good. I'm not afraid of Badiasz' shoulder issue. We really need an upgrade at center. I think a center in round 2 is a necessity.

I really don't care for this mock, but there's still time to buy a crystal ball online.


I do believe the Broncos will be trading around in this draft so its difficult to know who they will have available where. Most are saying they will have to trade up to get one of the top 3 WR's which will cost draft picks later. 5 or 6 receivers to go in the first 32 is a definite possibility.