Vic Fangio Reveals Where Broncos Plan to Play New OL Graham Glasgow

Chad Jensen

When it comes to prized free-agent acquisition Graham Glasgow, fans have been pining to know at which position on the offensive line the Denver Broncos plan on playing him. Thanks to head coach Vic Fangio, we now have our answer. 

Fangio and GM John Elway made themselves available to local media via conference call on Tuesday to reflect on the Broncos' free-agency period and look ahead to the NFL Draft, which kicks off on April 23. 

“Right now, we’re looking at him as a guard, but we know he can play center very well," Fangio said on Tuesday. "That’s nice to have especially when you’re heading into a draft and your total team is not set right now. He plays both positions very well."

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By guard, let's drill down and get even more specific — right guard. Dalton Risner will return as the Broncos' incumbent left guard. The only position left unresolved is the center position. 

If the Broncos had to play football tomorrow, Patrick Morris would likely start at center. But considering that the draft is coming in just a few weeks, there's a good chance the team's 2020 starting center isn't on the roster yet. 

Fangio also spoke to one of Glasgow's attributes that really drew the Broncos to him; namely, his durability. The best ability is 'avail-ability' and Glasgow checks that box. 

"He’s been very durable," Fangio said. "I don’t think he’s missed a game the last few years with the Lions. He’s the type of guy we’d like to add to our team at a bunch of positions.”

It doesn't hurt that Glasgow's father hails from Scranton, PA — which just so happens to be Coach Fangio's hometown. 

"One good thing that Glasgow had going for him is that his father was born and raised in Scranton, PA, and went to a nearby high school so we know he’s tough," Fangio said. 

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Two WRs and a Center are definitely on the draft menu. The only question is where they get taken and who gets selected. OT and LB as well are certainties and probably a CB. It will be fascinating to see how Elway plays his cards. In last year's draft, he had the luck of the Irish to get the first three selections as he did. We can't realistically expect such a fortuitous set of circumstances to come to him every year.


IMO Ruggs 1st rd, a center 2nd rd, ILB 3rd rd, depth and development the other 7 picks. And somebody who can cover TEs in the division. Every team in div has elite TE play.


OH and possible trade for trent Williams or draft of LT


As far as OLine goes I'd say tackle is their number 1 need. Another year of Wilkinson if someone is hurt makes me shudder.