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Here's Who Really Should be on the Hot Seat at Broncos HQ

The Broncos sit at 2-6 at mid-season point. Which shot-caller should bear the ultimate brunt of responsibility for this team's failures?

Being 2-6 isn’t exactly what the Denver Broncos had hoped for heading into the 2019 season. Denver's expectations were much higher than that but they've failed to meet them. 

Whenever that is the case, you have to look at what is causing it. A big part of that is that the Broncos are a team that is lacking talent at far too many positions.

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Even knowing that, a big part of the equation is the coaching staff and front office personnel. Are the coaches' schemes working? Have the coaches been able to install their schemes? Is each coach showing progress in his respective position? In the video above, I answer those questions and more. 

There are so many aspects to analyze and many attributes to look for in a coach and they either have it or they don’t. So which of these coaches are really on the hot seat and just how hot is it?

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Despite the issues of the coaching staff, it is the front office that really needs to be confronted. The issue is, will GM John Elway and his key assistants be held accountable, or perhaps the better question is, is there someone who can hold them accountable? 

The answer to that is likely a 'no', simply because the Broncos don’t have an owner in place. That is something this organization has to get resolved.

Until this team has the owner in place, someone who can and will hold front office personnel accountable for their bad decisions, or use their voice to stand against certain decisions, this team is likely to remain in a bad place. 

Things are getting worse in Broncos Country. Maybe that's what has to happen before it gets better. 

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