Broncos LB Von Miller Hints at a Surprising Change to Jersey Number

Chad Jensen

In the modern NFL, the jersey number 58 is synonymous with Von Miller. However, it wasn't Miller who originally gave notoriety to 58. It was the late Hall-of-Famer Derrick Thomas. 

Miller's college number at Texas A&M was 40. However, when he first landed in Denver as the No. 2 overall pick in the 2011 draft, linebackers were prohibited by the league from wearing numbers in the 40s. 

After giving it some thought, Miller ultimately chose to go with No. 58 to honor Thomas, whom many draftniks and NFL analysts often compared Miller to coming out of college. 

"I enjoyed the way he played the game," Miller said in 2011. "Hopefully, I can get some inspiration from that."

We've seen several other players, including ex-Broncos, go on to sport the No. 58 to honor Miller, including Elvis Dumervil and Shaquil Barrett. 

You might have noticed that the rule changed a while back and that linebackers can now wear jersey numbers in the 40s. The Broncos have three currently — Alexander Johnson (45), Josey Jewell (47), and Joe Jones (43). 

Miller, perhaps a little bored from an entire offseason without any football activity at the UC Health Training Center, seems to be considering a jersey number change, going back to his college number 40. 

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Honestly, it would be unnecessary and perhaps even unwise for Miller to change numbers. Not only is the number now etched in peoples' minds when Miller's name is mentioned, but his jersey remains in the NFL's top-50 in sales in the year 2020. 

Miller is currently ranked No. 34 in jersey sales according to the NFLPA. Why ruin a good thing? From a business perspective, it's kind of a 'don't fix what ain't broke' type of thing. 

But, hey, Miller is entering his age-31 season and 10th with the Broncos. He can do what he wants to. He's one of the most accomplished defensive players in the league with eight Pro Bowl nods to his name, plus three first-team All-Pro and four second-team All-Pro selections, a World Championship ring and a Super Bowl 50 MVP.

It would be understandable if he'd like to revert back to No. 40 just out of sheer boredom. But, again, from a business perspective, I'm not sure that it really makes sense. 

The polling response Miller garnered from Broncos Country might be the answer the pass-rushing artist should go with in this particular case. 

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Erick   Trickel
Erick Trickel


Part of me really hopes he does change his number.


If he needs the karma to return to wrecking plays - why not? He didn't say why he was thinking about it though? Just nostalgia?


As long as he has. great season I could give 2 shits what number he wears


With 5 good years left I say do it now or never. 24 sacks this year. 16 for Chubb. Here we go!

Luke  Patterson
Luke Patterson

No no no! This is not what I want to see or read! I need Von Miller to be obsessed with getting to the QB and getting more sacks! The only way to do that, is with the number that he chose, and won SB50 MVP in! The last thing Broncos Country needs is for Miller to have a jersey identity crisis. Get to the QB Von!


Who's his last year in Mile High land