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Watch: Drew Lock Takes First Snaps of 2021 as Broncos Kick-Off Phase II

Does Drew Lock look like a man on a mission?

The Denver Broncos descended on UCHealth Training Center Monday morning to begin Phase II of offseason workouts. Despite the NFLPA's continued politicking to have players boycott the proceedings, the Broncos received a near-perfect attendance from the veterans. 

Among them was incumbent quarterback Drew Lock. Lock enters his third year but this time, the Broncos aren't handing him anything. 

Lock will have to sing for his supper and vanquish the recently acquired veteran Teddy Bridgewater in the open competition the Broncos' are setting up. Compounding the arrival of a bonafide threat on the depth chart have been the incessant and ubiquitous rumors tying the Broncos to every veteran QB with a pulse.

The Aaron Rodgers rumors are the latest but Lock has been hearing all the noise and constant criticism from fans and media and according to his teammates, he's on a "different level" mentally. On Monday, the Broncos released a highlight clip of the onfield proceedings and it featured Lock with his brand-new haircut taking his first snaps of 2021. 

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It's going to be really interesting to see how the story goes for Lock this summer. Bridgewater may have flamed out in Carolina but he's no joke. Lock will be pushed. 

The Broncos plan it to be a 50/50 split rep-wise so buckle in and batten down the hatches because Lock vs. Bridgewater is officially set to ignite starting next week when OTAs officially kick-off. 

For what it's worth, it was also very encouraging to see Pro Bowl wideout Courtland Sutton out there with his teammates on Monday. Lock missed him badly last year and Sutton missed him, too

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