Here's why Drew Lock's First 5 Starts are Not Comparable to Trevor Siemian's

Erick Trickel

Drew Lock is the Denver Broncos' quarterback heading in 2020, not Trevor Siemian. And yet, a lot of comparisons have been made between the two since the season ended. 

It's strictly because of their similar stats five starts into their respective careers. Those similarities have caused some to surmise that Lock is destined to burn out like Siemian did and that the 2019 second-rounder isn’t a good quarterback.

That's just silly.

I dish a lot more on the topic in the video above, so make sure you check that out. The video goes more into the variables that each quarterback had to deal with that separate their respective bodies of work through five games. 

So let us get into the type of players each QB is to show why Siemian’s failure doesn’t mean Lock will follow suit just because their stats through the first five games are similar.

Siemian was respected for his smarts as a quarterback. He put in a lot of time in the film room and studying the game plan to learn how to attack a defense. 

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However, he lacked the arm talent to exploit all levels of the field. This led the Broncos to cut their passing playbook by two-thirds to benefit him, cutting the field down to one third.

The lack of arm talent showed up multiple times as a Bronco, and everyone knew he lacked arm talent, except for the player himself. He would try throwing across the body and across field to make a play happen, only to watch it fail. This was one issue that really hurt and limited the offense, but at least he was smart, which is how he earned the starting job.

Lock is very different. He too is a smart quarterback, but is more of a leader, and has players gravitate towards him like Siemian never did. That's all great, but it's on the field that you can really see the difference between the two.

Arm strength from Lock isn’t a question. You don’t have to cut the field down or limit the passing playbook because he can make any NFL throw. He also isn’t complacent and will take risks, which is something Siemian would rarely do (aside from his ill-advised across-body throws. Lock also has more athleticism than Siemian, which offers up more to the offense with his legs.

Just because stats are similar doesn’t mean the players are. These are two vastly different quarterbacks because of their traits. 

Maybe their career path ends up going the same way, but something tells me that it isn’t likely. There is a lot more in Lock to believe in than we ever saw from Siemian. 

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Oh man, I haven’t seen much of this but it gives me a headache just thinking about it. My memory of Siemian will forever be him moving backwards out of the pocket and rushers essentially being able to run North/South to sack him. And then his tackles getting blamed for it.

I can’t remember the exact person that reported it, but they said whenever Siemi was walking down the hall at team headquarters and other players were coming the other way, he would quietly move to the side to let them pass.

Nice guy, played above his head. No comparison to Lock.


Drew Lock has far more talent than Trevor, but I certainly would rather have Trevor as our back up qb than Brandon Allen, he was 8-6 under Kubiak (and should have been 8-5-1 had Kubiak accepted a tie rather than attempt a ridiculous field goal) and somehow managed 5-5 under Vance Joseph despite the qb musical chairs and distractions that Joseph did.


Siemians was Mr. Try hard for sure. Anyone that places him and Lock in the same athletic capacity is delusional.

Unfortunately most fans are just that. Understanding the required physical talent required to succeed as an NFL QB is simply beyond most individuals. There are a lot of want to be greats in uniform but few with the wherewithal of champions.

Does Lock have all those traits? We see that he has the physical tools. The rest is yet to be determined.

It was readily apparent that Siemian was doomed to failure. His physical skills were substandard. His build was substandard. His pocket presence was substandard. His durability was substandard.

Lock checked all of those boxes off in spades.


If you compare Lock’s first 5 starts to Tom Brady’s first 5 starts, you can come away saying Drew will be slightly better than Tom Brady. So, you can pick which future story you prefer to believe.


Trevor was actually pretty good before he was bad. He had a 4 td game against the bungels and I thought he was the guy but I think he had more weapons such as DT before he fell off, Emmanuel as well as Kubes as an OC. I think it ultimately was the oline who failed him as well as other teams seeing his weaknesses. Fairwell Trev, you had your 15 minutes. At least your in the nfl. Hes probably still a millionaire.