Broncos Tied to Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers in Recent Report

Is there any veracity to the notion of the Broncos pursuing a disgruntled Aaron Rodgers? We answer.

No, the Denver Broncos are not in any position to pursue Aaron Rodgers if he seeks a divorce from the Green Bay Packers. Now that I've got that out of the way at the top, let me explain to those who might be scratching their head what necessitated me having to say that at all. 

On Monday, in the wake of the Packers drafting Utah State QB Jordan Love in the first round,'s Chris Crouse published a very speculative article in which he opined that if Rodgers were to seek a divorce from the Packers, the Broncos would be 'in position' to pursue him. 

Crouse used GM John Elway's past history of landing Peyton Manning in 2012 as a sort of rationale or precedent for his Rodgers-to-Denver theory. 

Perhaps no team is more equipped to thrive with Rodgers than the Denver Broncos – assuming they have an interest in making a deal down the line.

John Elway once convinced Peyton Manning to play the second-leg of his career in Denver and it worked out. Peyton won his second Super Bowl, becoming the only quarterback in NFL history to win a ring with two separate franchises.

Denver will be set up to make a similar pitch whenever Rodgers’ tenure in Green Bay is over. One big factor at the time will obviously be money and the salary cap situation, but a lot can happen over the coming seasons.

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Why this Report is Ludicrous

First, let me say that I have nothing but respect for But this article is a pure work of speculative fiction and it's borderline irresponsible.  

Here's why; my social media mentions and DMs have been inundated with Broncos fans wondering why Elway suddenly wants Rodgers. News flash: Elway doesn't want the 36-year-old Rodgers. 

We have plenty of evidence to support that assertion. One, despite arguably the greatest QB of all-time becoming an unrestricted free agent last month, Elway didn't lift a finger to pursue Tom Brady. I get that there's a sizable age gap between Brady and Rodgers (seven years) but anyone who covers the Broncos knows how highly Elway regards Brady. 

Elway himself has called Brady the G.O.A.T. And yet, when offered the opportunity to openly compete for Brady's services, like he did for Manning, the Duke of Denver sat on his hands. Why? 

Drew Lock. 

The Broncos are all-in on Lock as he enters year two. If the Broncos' 2020 draft class isn't evidence enough of that, I don't know what is. 

The Broncos drafted three wide receivers, including two back-to-back to open the 2020 draft, and two of the most highly-regarded interior offensive linemen in the class. Not only that, but in the fourth round, before making Denver's selection at pick 118 overall, Elway picked up the phone and called Lock. 

Elway wanted the 411 on TE Albert Okweugbunam, whom Lock played with for two seasons at Missouri. Lock gave Albert O. a glowing recommendation and Elway pulled the trigger. 

A second-year quarterback with five starts under his belt being consulted on draft decisions that have over-arching and long-term organizational ramifications? Yup. That's how important Lock is to Elway. 

The notion that after wandering the QB desert for the better part of the last four years and finally finding that homegrown franchise-caliber guy that Elway would then crumple it all up into a ball and throw it out the window for Rodgers is ludicrous and borderline asinine. 

This is a classic example of a national writer simply having no idea what's going on at the local level. 'Oh, I see that the Broncos finished sub-.500 last year and I remember that Elway once landed Manning. I guess that's enough dot-connecting to justify an article implicating the Broncos as a potential suitor for Rodgers.' 

Gimme a break.  

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