Drew Lock & Courtland Sutton are Cooking up a Top-Secret TD Celebration to Debut in 2020

Chad Jensen

The last five weeks of the 2019 season were a whirlwind for the Denver Broncos and not just because they won four of those games. The players were having fun again. 

Thanks in large measure to the entrance of QB Drew Lock at quarterback, suddenly, things weren't so grim for the Broncos. Lock's Brett Favre-esque pure joy of the game, combined with his confidence and swagger, brought out the best in his teammates. 

Smiles once again could be seen on the sidelines. Good times and laughs were had by all. 

That's the blessing of victory. You can afford to laugh it up and be seen having a good time. Think back to Week 15 at Kansas City — Lock's one career loss. Not many highlights of the Broncos exactly yucking up. Why? Denver got dominated in the heavy snow from the drop. 

One of the ways you could measure the fun the Broncos were having down the stretch last year was the touchdown celebration. Lock had created a very famous TD celebration while at the University of Missouri called 'The Bag' or 'Securing The Bag', which saw the young QB make the motion of shrugging backpack straps over his shoulders when the opportunity arose. 

Heading into 2020, Lock and his Pro Bowl wideout Courtland Sutton are cooking up a new celebration. They'll debut it when the time is right this fall. 

"I don't know, I thought it [The Bag] was going to be retired last year," Lock said on a social media video produced by the Broncos. "And then 'Buzz Lightyear' happened and then 'The Bag' kind of still happened. I have something in store that me and Courtland have been talking about. Not a lot of people will know what it's referencing but it'll be different every single week—but we've got to get into the end zone first. To be able to do that, we've got a lot of work ahead of us. Hopefully, we get to celebrate a lot this year." 

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Lock continued 'The Bag' as a Bronco but also created a new one, thanks in part to the inspiration of his offensive linemen who'd taken to calling him 'Buzz Lightyear' because of the big wristband on his left arm that Lock would peak at for help on the field. Fans can remember Lock debuting the 'Buzz Lightyear' in his first road start at the Houston Texans in Week 14, striking the pose after throwing a TD. 

Drew Lock

Lock's love of the game and the pure joy he exudes is infectious. And it lifts the players around him. 

Players on the offensive side of the ball look forward to showing up for work every day now that the Broncos have a bonafide personality under center. Lock certainly has the 'it' factor of a franchise quarterback. Now he has to produce the results of a franchise QB in his first full season as the starter. 

Lock and Sutton hooked up a few times for six last season, including twice in Lock's NFL debut in Week 13 vs. the Los Angeles Chargers. Those connections were a preview of what the 2020 season has in store for fans. 

We won't know until we see the Broncos score a touchdown off of Lock's right arm later this fall but that day could come as a soon as September 14 when the Tennessee Titans roll into Denver to open the season on Monday Night Football. 

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