5 Free-Agent RBs Broncos Could Pursue to Upgrade Depth & Complement Phillip Lindsay

Erick Trickel

The Denver Broncos have a very young offense that is in need of help at multiple positions. One of those positions is running back, behind Phillip Lindsay of course. 

There are multiple concerns with the running backs the Broncos currently have under contract that make it a bigger need than some fans might think. Devontae Booker is hitting free agency, as is Theo Riddick. 

Recently, I published a series breaking down the state of the Broncos, going position-by-position to pinpoint where the roster holes lie. You can read my breakdown on the running backs, and more on why it is a need, here.

With the Broncos needing help at the position, what would be the best way to approach it? Does Denver look at the free-agent market and pursue a veteran, or go the rookie route via the draft and college free-agent ranks? 

Either approach presents its own pros and cons for any team and that includes the Broncos.

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With the Broncos fielding a younger offense, they could use a veteran presence at running back to mentor the younger backs and help them develop. Also, veteran backs often end up being more trusted by coaches than rookies are. The issue is, the vets' come at a cost, plus teams have to consider their age and the mileage they have on their tires already.

When it comes to rookies, they're cost-efficient, don’t have quite the mileage, and of course, they're younger. A rookie RB comes into the NFL with a lot to prove and they have their work cut out for them to earn the trust of the coaching staff. 

If and when they do earn that trust, they often end up with a short leash. NFL coaches don’t want to lean on the young backs, if they can avoid it.

There are plenty of options in the draft that I've covered here at Mile High Huddle since the season ended, and I'll continue to do so. However, free agency is around the corner so what better time than now to list some of the veteran options that would fit on the open market?

In the video above, I break down five free-agent options who would make a lot of sense for the Broncos and who could complement Lindsay with minimal risk to over-shadowing him.

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Good job Erick but I have to ask what is the status of Theo Riddick wouldn’t he fit the bill that you talked about in your video? If I remember correctly one of the main reasons they brought him in was his pass catching any chance they bring him back?

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B'wana Beast
B'wana Beast

Not a FA but where does Joshua Kelly go with a good combine? Is he still day 3?