5 Free-Agent WRs Broncos can Target Without Breaking the Bank

Erick Trickel

As good as Courtland Sutton is, the Denver Broncos need more from the wide receiver position than they currently have. It was a ragtag group in 2019 that just failed to be a consistent force outside of Sutton. The No. 1 receiver got little help from his fellows in the room. 

This led other teams to be able to take Sutton out of the game and effectively shut down the Broncos offense from time to time. One example of this would be Week 11 at the Minnesota Vikings , or even Week 8 at the Indianapolis Colts, where Sutton was exicesed from the game.

I've already broken down the Broncos' situation at receiver. The article talks about the issues of DaeSean Hamilton, Tim Patrick, and the unit as a whole, and why it is such a big need for the Broncos. 

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Many fans want the Broncos to go get a receiver in the draft, and it makes a lot of sense because of how strong the WR class is. It makes a lot of sense, and honestly, it's probably the best way to go. However, adding in a veteran to a young receiver corps via free agency can’t be completely ruled out as an option.

Veterans bring a lot to the table on and off the field, especially as young as the Broncos are at the position. The draft is loaded with prospects that may end up being great, or they might completely fail, but in free agency, there are a lot of options that can provide some security at the position, while bringing mentorship to the table.

You can check out five options the Broncos can target in free agency without breaking the bank in the video above. Sound off in the comment section on which direction you'd like to see Denver go. 

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Dick Hanky
Dick Hanky

I think FA WR's are such a mixed bag. It's not how I want to spend money. Get 2 in the draft and see what you have in camp. We still really haven't seen Benson or Winfree. They might let Patrick go, he's set to make $1.9 I believe.

No. 1-3

Nice job Erick and I agree with you on both parts the draft is so deep in receivers you can add a good one on day 2 or 3 which I think Denver will do. But a veteran presence would be good to have around as well and out of your list I like Richardson or Higgins if the price is right. Both have their issues that why they are free if they could get one on a mostly incentive based contract I would go for that.


I think perriman would be a great fit he flashed a ton when the Bucs lost receivers last year has good hands and hes quick. But would rather see ruggs or jeudy in Denver!.