Going to post the Football Outsiders DVOA ratings here as much as I can. They now account for opponent adjustments. Some observations:

  • Raiders were about what you expect overall, which makes that loss disappointing.
  • Bears D is what you expect, its O is bad -- and that's why the defense really deserves the blame for that loss.
  • Packers aren't as good on offense as you may expect, but their defense is better than you may expect.
  • Jaguars are better on offense than you expect (and that's not simply because of what Leonard Fournette did this past Sunday) and the defense isn't as good as you may think.

As for the Broncos, their offense is at least above average, but the defense is, indeed, a problem.

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Chad Jensen
Chad Jensen


Great share!


I am not impressed so far with the "scheme" you had Miller and Chubb on the corners for 3 games and didn't touch the QB. That in itself speaks volumes